Holiday with the Lads? Here’s Where To Go


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The great thing about a bachelor’s holiday? Time away with the guys without any judgement. And the worst? You’re about to lose a mate down the aisle. So don’t wait for an excuse, throw some underwear in a bag and kiss the girls goodbye, here’s where to go for a break with the boys.


True, it’s a cliche but it is definitely one of the best. Nights drinking, schmoozing and misbehaving are followed by long lie-ins, watersports on the beach and your choice of greasy, fried foods. One of the best lads destinations, this is without a doubt the messy option.


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For the more refined amongst you, there is Dubai. This incredible city rarely makes the list for ‘boy’s holidays’ simply because you can’t drink outside of the hotel. Strict licensing laws in this Muslim country means this isn’t a destination for a bender. It is the destination for adventure, fun and amazing sights though. Visit the Burj Dubai (tallest building in the world) or spend the day at Dubai Ski (largest indoor ski slope in the world). There’s so much to do and see here; you won’t have to resort to buying shisha wholesale to survive the lack of booze, unless of course you want too!


Never heard of it? Well, it was actually one of the first lads holiday destinations. This Greek island has got all the attractions of Ibiza without the price tag. It’s also a little less crowded should you be feeling a tad too old for the Ibiza party scene (but still keen to get stuck in). Water Sports, nightlife, great food and cold beers, Faliraki is definitely worth a look.


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This is the spot to party hard. Magaluf, on the Spanish island of Majorca, has a reputation as a place where crazy things happen. Be prepared to drink your weight in alcohol and see sights that are sure to bring prom flash-backs screaming to mind. This place has sun, sea, sand and s.. well, you get the idea.


Hip, edgy and one hell of an interesting city, Berlin is a great choice for the group with a few mixed interests. Filled with hostels and boutique, designer hotels you can pretty much state your price for a long weekend in this city. Food and booze are expensive, but we’re not talking the greasy fry-ups and soggy chips you’re likely to get on a party island. The German’s are actually pretty bang on when it comes to food, and you’ll find more than a few artisan beers on offer.


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The quintessential bachelor party destination of most Europeans, you’re sure to see a thing or two in Amsterdam. Another great option for a mixed group, you’ve got all the architecture and history of the city alongside the madness that is Amsterdam. Do not be surprised to find people smoking on the street or see something you never expected in the red light district, a visit to this city is an experience you never forget.


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