Helpful Tips For Your Trip To Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of those cities that’s truly unique. After miles of untamed desert, you hit Disneyland for grown-ups, with more casinos and clubs than you could possibly visit. As beautiful as parts of Vegas are, it can chew naïve tourists up faster than you’d imagine! To make sure your trip is enjoyable, here are some helpful pointers for your visit to Las Vegas.

It’s usually a good idea to rent a car when going to this city. The strip itself is four miles long. Because the land is so flat and buildings are so close together, it can be easy to underestimate distances. Throw in the blistering heat, and walking from one place to another can be utterly hellish. The Las Vegas Monorail is pretty good for getting from place to place, but once you arrive you’ll probably want a little more freedom. Car rental Las Vegas is a pretty big industry. Although the idea may sound expensive, you’ll be surprised at how great some of their deals can be. The parking and valet fees will probably annoy you more!


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A lot of tourists aren’t aware of it, but it’s fairly easy to get free drinks in many of Vegas’s casinos. If you approach the bar as soon as you enter, you’ll be absolutely stunned by the extortionate drink prices. Instead, head over to the tables. As a ploy to keep people gambling, cocktail waitresses will drift by the tables and offer free cocktails. It may take some waiting, and losing a few bucks to the house, but you’ll end up saving a lot of money. Speaking of the tables, it’s probably worth brushing up on your gambling skills and etiquette before going to Vegas. You’ll be playing against a lot of other tourists, true. However, there are some more seasoned players, who actually draw a big portion of their income from casino games. Have a strict limit of what you’re prepared to lose, and don’t break any rules or conventions. The staff at these casinos are no strangers to kicking people out!

Finally, leave eating out slightly early or slightly late. Las Vegas can get pretty crowded in general. Try to get anywhere during peak times, and you’ll be swept up in some of the worst crowds the city can muster. Restaurants on the strip become the most packed from 6 to 8. To avoid the chaos of a mob, the best time to take dinner is from 5 to 6 or 8 to 9. This may sound like I’m being a little pedantic, but trust me. A peak-time restaurant in Vegas will make those in dozens of other cities look like child’s play.

These three tips will make sure your trip is manageable and pleasant. Even for America, Vegas can offer you some of the most unexpected and unique experiences you’ll find anywhere. As a last thing to remember, don’t get too focussed on the casinos. There are all kinds of fascinating spots in Vegas and the surrounding areas; soak it in!



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