Guys, This Is How You Wear A Suit

Fact: every man looks good in a suit. If you don’t, it’s because you are wearing it wrong. There is a fine art to pulling off a suit and you need to know every one of these tricks. The bad news is that you’ll have to invest some money. A great suit needs the skill and the eye of a top class tailor. There a number of things to consider when buying one, however, the single most important thing is fitting.

In most cases, you really do need a tailor to measure you up and fit the suit correctly. However, if you’re on a budget, you can still make it work. The trick is to know what to look for with regard to fitting and styling. Get it right and there is no better feeling than slipping into the perfect tux. Follow these tips to make sure you wear yours with confidence and style.

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The most important thing to look out for here is the fit on the shoulders. A bad fit over the shoulders can ruin the entire suit. It must fit snugly or you risk looking boxy. An oversized jacket will make you look like a kid trying on your Dad’s outfit. Always go for a charcoal or gray colour. Avoid black unless you are attending a funeral. Always button the middle button, never the bottom one. The top one we’ll leave to your discretion. Unbutton completely before you sit down. A good trick is to match your suit to your personality. You could try a more urban look with Thomas Gun, or hit London’s Savile Row if you need true sophistication.


If possible, get a fitted dress shirt. Whatever your size, you’ll want a slim fit to avoid bunching and creasing. The reason for a fitted dress shirt is that you can get the exact neck and arm measurements. The neck must be a perfect fit to avoid choking or gaps. The arm length is crucial too. You should aim for about half an inch of sleeve cuff emerging from your jacket. Oh, and wear tasteful cufflinks.


One of the most common mistakes when wearing a suit is wearing the trousers too low. The belt line should be at the top of your hip bone, just above your napel. With regard to length, it’s a judgment call depending on your taste. Short is more modern, but never go too short or too long.


Your shoes must be simple and match your belt. Consider the colour of your suit and choose a pair that works with it. Your tie must be roughly the same width as your lapel and always be a darker colour than your dress shirt. The tip must reach the beltline and any tie bars should be worn between the third and fourth shirt holes. Accessories are the finishing touches on your suit. The little things make all the difference.

Finally, stand straight and wear it with confidence. If you’ve got the perfect fitting suit, this should be easy because you’ll look great. The perfect suit is somewhat of an artform and you’d be surprised how many get it wrong. Follow these simple sizing tips and you’ll be fine. One last final tip: no James Bond poses.

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