Guys, Here’s How You Make Sure Your Style Is On Point Every Single Day



Men’s style is simple. Real simple. It’s all about sophistication, clean colours and a sharp execution. There’s no reason you can’t be the guy who turns heads on the streets. No matter what you look like, there’s a style that suits you. Today we’re going to help you find and unlock that look. We’ll explore at the little things like grooming and hair styling to the big ‘wow factor’ aspects like posture and confidence.

Every fashion guru will tell you that style is all about the small touches. It’s the little things that tighten up your appearance and sharpen your look. Finding the right fitting suit and shining your shoes, for example. These are all small details that come together and create a sharp, strong look. We understand that this doesn’t always come naturally to every guy out there. But that’s what this post is all about. Sit back and learn from the best. Here we go.


Your hairstyle is one of the first things people notice about you. It might not be a conscious thought, but it defines your style from the first impression. A messy, overgrown head of hair says everything about your approach to appearance. If you’ve got a short hairstyle, stylists recommend visiting the barbers every four weeks or so. This will keep it looking sharp and neat. It’s also worth speaking with your stylist and finding the perfect look for you. Some hairstyles work better with certain face shapes for example.


Your approach to facial hair is super important here. It will take some experimenting to find out what works for you. For example, stubble can add definition and strength to a baby-face. On the other hand, a clean shave can bring out a chiseled jawline. As a man, your razor is one of the most important tools in your arsenal. Visit Groom and Style to find a rundown of the best shavers on the market. Don’t skimp here, a good shave will help perfect your style.

Buy a suit

Every man deserves a well-fitted suit. There is no better feeling than putting it on and pretending you’re James Bond! If you haven’t already got a tailored suit, it’s time to treat yourself. You’ll always need one, whether it’s at work or for a friend’s wedding. The important thing about a suit is the fitting. There’s a very fine line between perfection and disaster here! A suit that is too big or too small will look awful. Trust us on this one, visit a tailor and get it measured correctly.

Wear it right

Once you’ve got the measurements correct and purchased your fine suit, the work’s not over. There is an art to wearing a suit and be sure to learn the ins and outs. You must remember to match your belt to your shoes, for example. Your choice of tie is also vital. Don’t ruin a beautiful suit with an ugly tie! The thickness should be the same as your lapel, and the length should just reach your navel. Finish the outfit off with a good pair of cufflinks and avoid novelty tie clips.

Fill your wardrobe with timeless classics

We’ve covered the smart wear and fitted you out with a suit. But what about the casual end of your wardrobe? Well, as a guy, this is super easy. A man’s wardrobe should be filled with just a few essentials. A classic blue Oxford shirt works wonders as a smart or casual option. One or two polo shirts are great for the weekends too. In the trouser department, a classic chino is a safe, stylish bet. If you’re young and think you can get away with a more urban or creative look, go for it!


They say you can tell everything about a man from his shoes. To a certain extent, this is true. First of all, your shoes should always be in good condition. Don’t wear them until there are holes in the toe! The classic Oxford black shoe is perfect for the smarter end of your wardrobe. The brown brogue is another fine choice and can be worn casually.

Hit the gym and eat right

We can give you all the fashion advice in the world, but it’s all worth nothing if you don’t look after yourself. Clothes are designed to fit a healthy body shape. Well-fitted clothing is all about finding a body size that works for you. Hit the gym and keep your diet balanced and healthy. This will do far more than keep you in shape too. Healthy eating will keep your skin looking good and give you a natural shine that money can’t buy!


We would always advise guys against heavy use of aftershave. However, a little bit will go a long way. Did you know that your fragrance should ideally match your style? For example, if you’re the rugged, beardy type, try a deep, woody or earthy aroma. If you’re the more clean cut, classically stylish type, try a fresh, zesty fragrance. Match your personality to your fragrance to complete the overall look.


This one isn’t just for the girls. Remember, your skin is as important as the fabric you choose. Moisturising will help keep the skin hydrated and glowing. You’ll look healthy and strong. If you’re shaving every day, this is particularly important.

Posture and confidence

The final element when it comes to styling is how you carry yourself. You can wear the best suit in the land, but if you slouch, no-one will notice. You’ve got to walk tall and straight and carry your style with confidence. Try some back-strengthening exercises or yoga to pull your posture out and walk tall. Believe that you look awesome and you’ll convince others!

As we said, guy’s styling is easy. It’s all about simplicity and sophistication. Take pride in your appearance, keep yourself in shape and tailor your clothes to your body. Finally, wear it all with confidence and stand tall. You got this.


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