Guys: Avoid These Gym Mistakes to Protect Your Rep

So many guys talk about heading to the gym to get ‘ripped’ or ‘make gainz’, but very few of them actually know what they should be doing. In fact, I see so many of them doing things in the gym that could negatively impact their reputation as a fitness enthusiast! Avoid these mistakes and you’ll protect your rep no matter who’s watching:

Mistake 1: Choosing Weight Over Form

So many guys choose to lift a heavier weight than they can actually handle with good form. HUGE mistake here guys. While it’s good to push yourself, it isn’t good to hurt yourself. You should be able to hold proper form as you lift any weight, you shouldn’t hurt, and you should be able to perform slow, controlled movements. Even if the weight is lighter, you’ll get more out of it this way. Think about it; would you rather look like you’re having a good workout, or look like you’re about to break your back? Other gym goers will notice if you’re not doing it right; so it’s not even like they’ll think you can lift heavy anyway!


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Mistake 2: Taking the Wrong Supplements

Supplements are an essential part of the process for most gym goers, but you need to ensure you’re taking the right ones. You should know what you need in your diet and what will help to support your training. A testosterone booster from a site like could help you to get stronger, but then so could BCAAs. It’s up to you to do your research. If you’re eating enough protein in your diet, you don’t need to be drinking a protein shake to boot. Be sensible!

Mistake 3: Creeping on the Chickas

Girls hate it when you do this. They’re not at the gym to impress you or get you to talk to them. Unless a girl approaches you and asks for help, don’t try to spot her or give her advice. Only speak to a girl if you have some genuine input to make, and you aren’t going to say anything creepy or ask her out on a date. For the love of God, don’t stare. Only if you’ve spoken to this girl a few times, she seems interested, and she’s made the effort with you should you maybe get to know her better.

Mistake 4: Losing Focus

Having rests that last longer than 2 minutes make it look like you’re not doing anything at all. Standing around talking and going on your phone a lot isn’t a good look either. Don’t lose focus. Concentrate on what you’re supposed to be doing so you can get your workout done and dusted.

Mistake 5: Wearing the Wrong Attire

Why would you wear flip flops to the gym? I’ve seen this before, and it looks ridiculous. Unless you’re doing yoga, leave the flip flops at home. It’s usually safe to opt for shorts, a t-shirt, and running shoes.

Now you’re ready to uphold your reputation at the gym – congrats!


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Published on: February 24, 2015

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