Grooming And Fashion Tips All Men Need To Know For A First Date!

I don’t know about you, but I consider first dates to be like job interviews in many ways. The way that the other person perceives you will influence whether you get to progress to the next “stage.”

Are you finding that you have too many knockbacks? If so, your personality might not be to blame. Instead, it could be down to the way you dress and groom yourself! When you go on a first date with someone, it’s essential that you impress them. First impressions count; you know!

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Make your grooming a priority

Do you usually look like someone that’s just been near a Van de Graaff generator? If so, it’s time to tone down your looks! Starting with your hair, make sure that you’ve had a recent haircut. Some guys don’t do anything with their hair and that’s fine. But you need to have relatively short hair to pull off such an idea.

Otherwise, consider styling your hair and using some products to keep your style in check. Just don’t go too far, else you will look like someone that’s washed their hair with grease! Next, think about what you should do with your facial hair.

If you’re usually clean-shaven, you can skip this part. But if you like to have a furry face, make sure that it “looks the part.” In other words, don’t go for the neanderthal look! You can always have your barber trim your beard and style it for you.

Do you have hairy ears or nostrils? If so, it’s worth trimming them back so that you don’t come across as a werewolf to your particular date. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with being hirsute. But, that doesn’t mean everyone shares the same opinion, so it’s best to err on the side of caution!

You should also make sure that you look after your facial skin. If you’ve got greasy skin, use a product that helps to keep your skin pores unblocked. Otherwise, you could face an uphill battle with acne. Your skin needs to be clean and moisturised, especially after a hot shower.

Dress for the occasion

OK, so you’ve now got your personal grooming sorted out. It’s time to turn your attention towards the clothes you are going to wear for your date.

You don’t need me to tell you that mens wear comprises of many different styles. From formal to smart and casual, there’s a style for just about every occasion. Unless your choice of venue dictates it, you don’t need to wear a tuxedo to impress your date.

On the other hand, you still need to make an effort as far as dressing to impress is concerned. Fellas, that means you shouldn’t turn up looking like you’ve just been jogging for a few miles! Wearing some good shoes, trousers, shirt and jacket will always go down well with your prospective date.

Of course, you should avoid wearing anything with slogans on it. Especially if they are of “rude” words.

Now that you’re armed with the information you need to know, it’s time to get ready for your date. Good luck and let us know how you get on!

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