Great Gift Ideas for Skiers and Snowboarders

Shopping for Christmas presents can be a daunting task – especially if you are shopping for someone whose hobbies differ from yours. It is hard to know what to buy a golfer, tech lover, or shopper if you aren’t one. Thanks to the Internet, you can use a gift guide to determine what to purchase for your friend or family member. If this person loves skiing or snowboarding, then the following gift ideas are great options.


Heated Gloves


Hitting the slopes to go skiing or snowboarding is fun, but it is also cold. This is why the right gear makes all of the difference. Many action enthusiasts love heated gloves. These special gloves keep your hands much warmer when it is cold outside, making skiing and snowboarding much more enjoyable. Beware however as a pair of heated gloves can set you back hundreds of dollars. A cheaper alternative is to buy a pair of heated inserts instead.


Interchangeable Lens Goggles


There’s nothing worse than foggy goggles when you are on the slopes. This problem makes it difficult to fully enjoy the activity, and it can jeopardize your safety. With interchangeable lens goggles, this problem is no longer an issue. You can change your lenses whenever they do not work properly. Each lens is also designed to perform well while you are using it.


Rugged Bluetooth Speakers


Several of today’s skiers and snowboarders are using bicycle speakers like the Buckshot. These small, portable speakers can be placed in a ski jacket or on a ski pole. They have great sound quality, and they make your time on the mountain even more enjoyable. Even better, most bicycle speakers are affordable. This makes them a great gift option for your friends and family members that like to ski or snowboard.


Smartwool PhD Ski Socks


If you need a great stocking stuffer, consider getting your skier or snowboarder some socks. These are a necessity if you plan on spending your day on the mountain. The Smartwool socks are high quality and itch free. They also offer foot and shin padding. In addition, they are thick, warm, and comfortable.


Wagner Custom Skis


Nothing says, “Happy Holiday” quite like a gift certificate for a custom pair of skis. Wagner has a high-end approach to designing skis. They are beautifully crafted and made to fit the needs of the individual skier. Even better, these skis can actually improve your performance on the slopes. When you purchase a gift certificate, your friend or family member will receive a customized gift letter with information about the skis, a logo hat, and instructions to help them start the design process.


OtterBox Cases


A skier or snowboarder will appreciate an OtterBox case for their phone. This top selling brand of smart phone cases actually makes cases for military use. They have cases that allow phones to survive if they are fully submerged in water. This way, your friend or family member can feel comfortable taking their phone on the slopes. It will survive if it falls into the snow or gets smashed in between the equipment.


These gift options will help you shop for the skier and snowboarder in your life. Choose the gifts that fit into your budget. Then, look forward to watching their eyes light up when they open a gift that is just right for them.

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