Fun cardio to involve the family

From early on, it can be tempting to entertain children with television, computer games and computerized devices, and indoor play; after all, they can then be kept busy in full view of either parent, allowing for important household chores to be completed. However, there are so many health warnings surrounding childhood obesity that really can’t be ignored. It is essential that children are introduced to healthy habits from a young age, and what could be better than getting fit as a family?


Studies have now recommended at least one hour of daily activity for both children and adults, helping to stave off future health problems. As well as fighting the fat and keeping the whole family entertained, outdoor and physical activities can also encourage child’s development, communication and fine motor skills, and strengthen the core muscles of young and old alike.


It’s time to discover the great outdoors and learn some fantastic new habits together; it’s surprising how easy these new habits will be to keep.


Fighting fit as a family


There are so many benefits to keeping fit as a family. First and foremost, it can be great fun to discover a whole host of new activities and experiences together. Having fun and encouraging each other is a fantastic way of keeping any new routine up; there’s nothing quite like taking inspiration from each other. Working together as a family is a great way to bond; precious relationships will be strengthened and enjoyed, while a child’s communication, team building, and physical skills will grow and develop.


It’s not all about the young ones, though. As an adult, it can be fun to explore the world through a child’s eyes; it’s surprising what will be discovered along the way. Parents may soon notice that everyday activities become easier too; it’s important not to be afraid of embracing change for the better.


Be inspired


Family fitness fun needn’t involve traipsing the children to the gym at the crack of dawn every day, or going mad on expensive, long distance trips. It’s important to make exercise fun, encouraging the whole family to keep it up for the long term, but this could be as simple as adding a bicycle, tennis set, or Frisbee into part of the daily routine.


In fact, there are so many activities that families can do together that needn’t cost the earth or take hours of planning. Think about walking, cycling, orienteering, horse riding, hiking, swimming or even putting on your skates. Even a trip around the block, or to the local park can be an eye-opener for those who just aren’t sure where to start. There are some simple ways to make even the most routine trip down the street fun, such as rollerblading, zipping about on a scooter, or taking a skateboard for a spin. Skating and rollerblading were once hugely popular activities, which are now making a comeback – and for good reason! Just check out the skateopedia at for some advice. Requiring little money or skills, either could be the perfect way to getting a family to enjoy the great outdoors.


Of course, there are so many other ways of keeping fit as a family. Try a little dancing during the ad breaks, make a game of household chores, explore more of the neighborhood, do a little gardening, get off the bus a stop early, park the car that little bit further away, or simply walk the dog; start small, and who knows where it could lead.

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