Forget Text Messaging – Check Out These Awesome Free iPhone Messaging Apps Instead!

When it comes to communicating with people using a mobile phone, we tend to send them a text message. This convenient form of communication has been around since 1992, and during the course of those 22 years trillions of text messages have been sent by people all around the world!

Whilst it is still a popular form of communication today as it has been all those years ago, technology has moved on and there are now better ways of sending messages to each other, namely with IP messaging technology.

In a nutshell, IP messaging refers to the process of sending data (i.e. messages) between two or more mobile phones using a data connection such as mobile broadband (3G, 4G, LTE) or Wi-Fi Internet.

Smartphones allow people to run all manner of different software programs called “apps”, and there is a plethora of IP messaging apps available for one of the most-popular smartphones used in the world: the Apple iPhone. Here are some of the best iPhone IP messaging apps!



The iMessage app is included with all Apple iPhone devices by default and is basically the smartphone’s integrated text messaging and IP messaging system rolled into one. You can use the app to send and receive text messages as usual (these are defined by green speech bubbles).

But what’s really awesome about iMessage is that you can use your Wi-Fi or mobile broadband connection to send and receive text, photo and video messages to other iOS device users around the world.

So if the other party has an iPhone like you, an iPod or an iPad, and it is running the latest iOS operating system version, you will be able to communicate with them using your iPhone’s built-in messaging app!

The best thing about iMessage is that it’s totally free to use as it is part of your iPhone’s operating system!

WhatsApp Messenger


Of course, not everyone has an iPhone, but if you want to use a system that is similar to iMessage but allows you to communicate with smartphone owners that also use the same app, such as those with Android-based handsets, then you can use WhatsApp Messenger.

You don’t need to go to the trouble of ‘adding’ people to a list in order to use it, because it just uses your iPhone’s contacts list. The first year’s use of the app is free, and then after that you pay US 99 cents a year (around 70p) to continue using the app on your iPhone.

Download the WhatsApp Messenger app for your iPhone today (it’s free).

Textie Messaging


If you don’t fancy the prospect of having to pay around 70p a year to use a messaging app, then you could always use the Textie Messaging app instead! The app makers state that it is 100% free, and that it can also be used with people who aren’t using the app – something which the WhatsApp Messenger app can’t do.

Download the Textie Messaging app for your iPhone today (it’s free).

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