Fix Your Car’s Boat-Like Handling By Following These Tips!

Have you ever been out on a boat in the past? If so, you will doubtless remember that they handle much differently to cars. Turning around corners at speed, for example is pretty much impossible and can result in your boat capsizing.

In poor-handling cars, if you drive around corners at speed you are likely to tip your car over on its side, resulting in a fatal catastrophe at worst and an embarrassing moment at best. Should you have the unfortunate luck of owning such a vehicle, all is not lost.

In today’s blog post, I will discuss some practical ways that you can improve the handling on your car, so that you no longer have to worry about its boat-like handling!

Fit wider wheels

I remember owning a small city car when I passed my driving test all those years ago, and, as standard, it came with “skinny” 13-inch steel wheels with less-than attractive hubcaps!

The problem with driving that car at the time was that whenever I went around a corner faster than 30 mph, it felt as those the back of the car was about to slide out and fish-tail! If your car has small and skinny wheels, the first step is to upgrade to bigger and wider wheels.

Not only will your car look more attractive, but because of the extra wide in your wheels and tyres, your car will have more grip on the road.

In my case, I upgraded to 15-inch wheels, and it was the best decision I ever made! If you plan on selling the car in the future, make sure you keep your old wheels and tyres stored safely somewhere so that you can fit them back onto the car before you sell it.

Get better tyres

Does your car already have big and wide wheels? Are you still suffering from poor handling? If so, you should get rid of your “ditchfinder” tyres and upgrade to premium ones that offer excellent traction in all weather conditions.

There are many brands you can opt for, such as Bridgestone and Continental, that have a range of premium tyres with an excellent grip.

Steve from says that Yokohama tyres offer the best grip, but because they are made from a soft compound rubber, they will wear out more quickly.

Upgrade your suspension

After a few years, the suspension system on all cars will start to wear and become inefficient. Oil normally leaks from old shock absorbers, causing the piston contained within it not to travel up and down correctly.

If your stock suspension setup wasn’t that great to begin with, don’t even bother getting original equipment replacements; simply upgrade to a stiffer suspension setup from the likes of Koni and H&R.

Additionally, you should also consider fitting anti-roll bars to the front and rear of your car. Sometimes they come fitted to cars as standard, but if yours doesn’t, invest in some to make your car more solid on the road.

Image: NRMA Motoring and Services on Flickr.

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