Five Great Gadgets That Will Keep Your Home Safe


Keeping your home safe is paramount. When you purchase a property, it is one of the first thoughts that run through your mind. It has to be the place where you feel as safe as possible. Where else can you feel safe if it is not your home? There are people out there who will try and take advantage, but there are also ways to negate them and keep your house intact. All you need to do is invest in a couple of gadgets.

Sophisticated Alarm System

Alarm systems should be a part of every home. However, not all alarm systems do the job that you need because they are not advanced enough. The honest truth is simple alarms are easy to bypass, even if you don’t know the code. You don’t need Mission: Impossible style gadgets, but you can get infrared sensors that are affordable and easy to install.


CCTV cameras are incredibly effective. Firstly, they will identify intruders more than ninety percent of the time. So, if your house does get burgled, you can pass the information to the relevant authorities. But, more importantly, they prevent crime from occurring in the first place. If thieves spot CCTV camera, it is more than likely that they will leave your property alone. Burglars know how effective these systems are and how much harder it makes their job.

Safety Glass

Doors and windows are two of the weakest points in most homes. As a result, they are the two main entrances for opportunist thieves. Thieves might not know now strong or weak these parts of the house are, but they will give them a try. Aside from bolting them down, you can add safety window film. The film is strong and durable, which makes it harder to break into your property.

Hedge Trimmer

You weren’t expecting this gadget, were you? Maybe it is not going to be on the new James Bond film, but it has its uses. The reasons burglars target doors and windows, apart from their physical weaknesses, are their location. It is amazing how many entry points are covered and shaded by trees and hedges. If your lawn is overgrown, thieves don’t need to work quickly because no one can see them work. A simple hedge trimmer or shears will fix the problem in no time.


If you have valuables that are worth a lot to you, there is no better place than a safe. A good safe will only open with the combination, which means it could stay locked forever if you don’t tell. So, if a burglar does enter your home when you’re not in, there is nothing they can do or steal. It sounds a bit over the top, but some valuables are worth the effort if they are expensive or have sentimental value.

Home safety is about mixing and matching the best gadgets to make the property as secure as possible. All the above can be used in conjunction, so you always have a backup plan should the worst happen.


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