Five Essentials For Men That Screams Success


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Men, it might have it a little bit easier than women, but you are still expected to provide, and that brings pressure. It’s like as a man you have to be successful to be taken seriously in society. If you are not successful then it is like you don’t exist some of the time. But how do you quantify success because everyone’s definition is different? You are right, success is hard to define, but here are a few essentials for men that scream success, whether you are successful or not.

  1. Suit

A suit is a power move, and it tells everyone who sees you wearing it that you are a person need to take seriously. It is all about history and perception because history says that only big shots wear suits, and your perception tells you that they have to be a big shot because they have are wearing a suit. It has to be the right suit, however. Pick the colour for the season and make sure it is fitted.

  1. A Good Set Of Stories

Successful men mix it with the rich, and the famous, the great and the good, and they have stories to tell afterwards. You know the type of stories, like the time someone played golf with Bill Gates and joked Gates spent more in the sand then David Hasselhoff. Only powerful and successful men spend their free time with other people of note.

  1. A Boat

Admit it, when you see a boat owner you wish you had one too, don’t you? A boat is the quintessential sign of success because only the rich and powerful own them. It doesn’t matter what type of boat it is, from a pontoon boat for extreme sports to a yacht, they always impress.

  1. A Shaving Routine

Shaving is very manly, but a shaving routine is successful. Every man can shave now and then when their beards get a little bit out of control. Only successful men, however, need a shaving routine because they cannot afford their facial hair to get in the way of business. The powerful businessman needs to look clean cut.

  1. A Collection Of Wine

Wine is classy and elegant. A wine collection, however, is prosperous. Because of the perception of wine, a man with a collection of expensive wines screams success. Why? Because he doesn’t even drink it, he just stores it in his wine cellar and looks at them every now and again. Wine collections can be worth several thousands of dollars, but a successful man has that much money and success he can afford for it to mature for years.

As you have probably noticed, success seemingly all revolves around money and perceived wealth. The more money you can show other people that you have, the more successful you will become in the eyes of society. If you want to mix it with the big boys and get their attention, you are going to need to show them your bank balance. These essentials are the perfect way to do it.


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