Festival Survival 101

Summertime signals the beginning of festival season. If you’re searching for ways to meet new people, learn new things, and explore new areas, all while enjoying terrific music and great food, then the festival scene is where you want to be. Yet don’t make the mistake of showing up unprepared. Not having the right gear can be the difference between you having a great time or simply standing around wondering what all the fuss is about.

Before assembling your festival survival pack, it’s important to do your research by checking out festival guides such as those listed here. Sure, there’s likely to be a number of events coming to your local area, each of which offers an inexpensive, fun-filled weekend. Yet if you really want to experience all that the festival scene has to offer, you need to travel around to some of the larger, more renowned gatherings. Save up a little extra during the winter, or maybe cash out a little from your savings. The adventures that you’ll have will make the expense well worth it.

What You Absolutely Need

With that in mind, here are the absolute must-haves to enjoy your festival experience:

    • A comfortable chair: No one wants to stay on their feet for hours and hours on end. Don’t be afraid to drop a few dollars on a camping or folding chair. Your feet and back will thank you in the end.
    • A good, sturdy, easy-to-assemble tent: Summer brings with it incessant heat. Given that most festivals are held in areas with an abundance of open space, shade is often at a premium. You can create your own with a tent as well as save yourself money by not having to stay at a hotel. Just make sure you know whether or not you need to call ahead to reserve a space.
    • A firm air mattress: Sleeping outside is great and all, but not if you have to lie on the hard ground. An air mattress can provide you with all of the comforts of home.
    • Toiletries, spray bottles, or a pocket shower: Don’t listen to those who say smelling like Mother Nature is all part of the festival experience. You can still retain some semblance of good hygiene. It certainly helps if you’re interested in meeting people.
    • A cooler: The outdoor heat will quickly leave you dehydrated. Combat it with a cooler full of bottled water, beer, or soda.
    • Snacks: You’ll quickly discover that festival organizers make a lot of their money through concessions. While you certainly shouldn’t be discouraged from trying any of their food, relying solely on what they have to offer will quickly drain you of all your cash. Stock up on granola bars, chips, and nuts to fight back against your hunger pains.
    • A wireless charger: You want to have some way to stay connected to your home and the rest of the outside world, yet your cell phone battery will likely only hold its charge for a day. Keep it juiced with an affordable wireless charger. You can also use it to keep your iPod, tablet, or MP3 player running.
    • A dry herb vaporizer: Marijuana is a common element at all festivals. If you get the urge to partake, you want to do so discretely. Grenco Science makes a portable dry herb vaporizer that is perfect for smoking on the down low.

Summer festivals offer you a plethora of chances to create some enduring memories. However, you need to remember that it’s hard to enjoy yourself if you’re miserable. By having your essentials always on hand in your festival survival pack, you ensure that you’ll be in a position to get the most out of every event that you attend.

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