Extreme Weather Driving Tips

For most drivers, the daily route is a simple path with little to no obstruction. Most of us don’t have to spend our morning commute battling our way to work, or digging our car out of snow drifts. But when poor weather strikes this leaves us vulnerable. With little to no experience, it can make driving in inclement weather a daunting task which seems like more trouble than it’s worth. But driving in conditions such as these is a matter of confidence and some basic abilities. With a little bit of forethought and planning you will have no problem driving your car to work on an icy day, without taking it out for a spin.

Here are a few of our top tips for driving (or preparing to drive) in extreme weather.

Advanced Driving Classes

This is one of those tips that is based on planning for a difficult situation. Think about what you learned about extreme weather driving in your basic classes, and think about all of the variations of poor weather out there. Advanced driving classes will give you a better idea about the general variability in driving conditions, and you will be presented with the best way to react. This could encompass how to skid on black ice or how to brake effectively on leaves and mulch. In any case, this will be a decent investment. But like any investment, it has to be started before you actually need to use it. So think about getting on this one right away.

Be Prepared

You should have this motto in common with the scouts. There’s no point in knowing how to deal with an icy, snow-covered road if you don’t have the appropriate gear. Buy some chains and all of the appropriate de-icing equipment so that when the difficulty presents itself you’ll be ready to face it head on. If you’re car leasing at Leasing Options, for example, you should either request the appropriate gear from your leasing agent or bring your own with you. It may seem excessive, but it’s your personal safety that you’re guaranteeing. If you crash you will also lose a significant part of your lease fee, so it’s worth being practical about this.

Basic Maintenance

A lot of very dangerous situations can be avoided by simple maintenance. This doesn’t only mean popping the bonnet of your car to have a root around. It means brake-checking as you emerge from a large body of water or as you proceed over a potentially icy patch of road. This means maintaining your safety concerns as you drive.

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You should be thinking about what your priorities are as a driver. In most extreme conditions it will be speed control, as a crash will be your biggest fear. But also remember that brake-checking can make you an unpredictable driver that other cars are more likely to rear-end. You should be looking after yourself, but also remember that even if traffic is slowed you are still a part of a road in use. Any crash is bound to be worse if it is between two vehicles.

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