Extreme boys’ toys

When it comes to boys’ toys there’s nothing better than taking it to the extreme. Forget mild mannered, polite vehicles that hug the highway – we’re talking metal with muscles wrapped around powerful engines conquering mud tracks, waterways, sand dunes and mountains. Whatever conditions get thrown in the path of these vehicles, they power right on through it. We’re talking extreme boys’ toys.

Feel like taking a trip out this weekend? Let’s consider the top choices in the all terrain toy box and see how long we can play nicely before it all goes downhill quickly…

Dune buggy domination

First out of the box comes the dune buggy. Take control of the desert sand dunes in one of these wide-wheeled wonders. With their open frame and broad tires, they make light of sandy beaches, steep dunes and off-road desert terrain. Popular in dry places with hostile surroundings, dune buggy dudes head for Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California for their fix of dust, dirt and adrenalin.

Jet Ski joy

Summer is on its way so it’s time to dip the Jet Ski. Roaring along river-ways, lakes and ocean like a hydro-hooligan; the Jet Ski turns the meekest men into menaces. With all that power at their command, it just seems to go to their head, I guess. A PWC (Personal Water Craft) delivers awesome acceleration as well as impressive maneuverability, and with practice it can be made to dance across the water like a malevolent mermaid. Extreme water sports with a capital E.

ATV action

These babies are like dune buggies on steroids. Built to withstand similar challenges to dune buggies, they are large so can carry passengers if needed. Tough but simple to fix and maintain these power hungry mud monsters combine the best of sporty fun with rugged utility undertones. Extreme, but in a very practical way.

Dirt bike desire

Nothing beats winding up the engine of a dirt bike as it powers up an incline. Balanced on the edge, looking over the precipice, dangerous dirt biking doesn’t come with a government health warning – but perhaps it should. Dirt bike engines are light and powerful giving the punch to lift us over jumps and across obstacles. Speed along dirt bike trails or push through wild terrain and see what turns up – both score just as high on the white-knuckle scale.

Such beautiful machines deserve to be looked after properly. As with many vehicles with small engines, there is a certain amount of maintenance and upkeep that can be completed by the owner. Take a look at great places like Pat’s Small Engine for a wide variety of parts and spares such as spark plugs and brake pads for ATVs and all the others discussed here. Why pay top dollar to get the extreme machine fixed at the shop, when with a few well sourced parts and accessories the job’s done in a moment by yourself. The joy of wild and extreme vehicles is that they are so often pussycats to fix.

Whatever the weapon of choice, an extreme vehicle will certainly make people sit up and take notice. Why not take one for a test drive, see which boy’s toy grabs your attention? But promise not to cry when it has to be given back.

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