Exercises to do while watching the big game

We love our sports, and many of us view them as social activities. However, watching sports is generally considered a sedentary activity; spending too much time sitting down can have severe health consequences. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get a few exercises in. Here are a few tips to consider.


Crunches are fairly easy to perform, so try to do a few during commercials and timeouts. One of the benefits of crunches is that the abdomen is large, and it is difficult to overexercise it. You might be a bit sore the next day if you do too many, but you’ll bounce back quickly. Those who regularly perform crunches and who eliminate excess body fat will be rocking six-packs before long.


Push-ups are great for your biceps, pecs and other arm muscles, and they require no pep work. You can perform them when your team calls a timeout and during commercials. You might also want to considered doing them when your team scores; cheerleaders often perform a push-up for every point their team scores. Over time, you might be able to keep with your team during routs.

Jogging in Place

Cardiovascular exercise has too many benefits to list, and it’s possible to perform them while watching a big game. You’ll be excited when you team scores, so consider jogging in place when that happens. Jumping jacks are another great option for exercising during commercials or timeouts.

Stretching and Yoga

Yoga and stretching are about holding different positions, and who says you have to be seated while watching sports? Learn a few different poses, and practice them while watching sports. Doing so will help keep you limber and refreshed.

Sports are entertaining to watch, and many of us watch them as often as possible. However, watching sports is not the healthiest activity. Practice some of the tips outlined about to keep yourself in great shape.

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Published on: March 7, 2014

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2 Responses to Exercises to do while watching the big game

  1. Eric Lydecker says:

    Great idea man, I always feel so lazy when I sit and watch a game and end up drinking too much beer and eating loads of unhealthy snacks.

  2. Sean P. says:

    Never thought of this. I’m going to start doing the crunches during commercials tip, hopefully it’ll help build my abs up

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