Essential travel gadgets for a trouble-free trip

In order to maximize the enjoyment of your travel time, it is worth spending some time considering what you are going to need in order to avoid those irritating and often disruptive incidents that can spoil any trip. In a world with no boundaries, your travels may be farther and wider than you have previously considered and, given that some parts of the world might not share the same technological developments, planning your trip is essential. We need to be able to access our funds and transfer money (using a company such as TransFast) with ease and efficiency to address those unforeseen incidents. Ensuring that our equipment is ready to use is crucial.




It seems only yesterday that having wheels on your suitcase set you apart. Now, with the array of electronic equipment essential to your trip, such as a mobile phone, laptop, tablet and camera, the need to ensure that they remain charged and available becomes a priority. Solar powered backpacks ensure that your devices are never without life, even when you cannot find a socket adaptor to fit or are at a destination that has electricity disruption. All your equipment can be charged effectively via the solar panels and a smartly placed USB port that simply requires daylight to power your appliances. Not only do you have the constant use of all your essential equipment, but you are also being kind the environment.


Mobile wireless router


Accessing Wi-Fi on your travels can be a bit of a lottery. It is not always easy to connect to your hotel’s Wi-Fi but, if you take along your own mobile wireless router, it is simple to create your own network. Mobile wireless routers allow you the same level of access to the internet as your home network, allowing you to keep in touch and send your pictures without interruption or delay, file that report to your boss, check your itinerary and your finances as well as search for the best place to eat and drink. The mobile wireless router is a slim, well-designed, compact item that is fast becoming the must-have travel accessory.


Satellite phone


On first viewing you may think that a satellite phone is more of a luxury than an essential. In reality it is a safeguard against the frustration and potential disaster of not being able to maintain communications. Satellite phones ensure that connection is never lost as, by using satellites to transmit their signal as opposed to the antennae we rely on for our cellphones, all that is needed is an open space where the sky is visible. Particularly useful for those trips that take you off the beaten track or into mountainous, notoriously poor cell service areas, the satellite phone can also be hired, saving you the outlay of purchasing one.


You need never be isolated or alone when traveling, even in the most demanding of terrain. These essential travel items will keep you in contact.





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