Essential Gadgets You Need For Your Boat

Millions of people around the world own boats of all shapes and sizes, whether they are small sailing boats or large behemoths that are classed as luxury superyachts! Head across the pond to the UK and you will find a large number of people that own and live in narrowboats (boats specifically designed for navigating the canals of England, Scotland and Wales).

But regardless of the type of boat that you own, there are going to be a few essential gadgets that you will need to make your journeys on the high seas (or canals!) safer, easier and stress-free. If you have recently bought a boat and are new to the boating world, here are some essential gadgets that you need for your vessel.

Satellite Phone


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When you are away from land, I can guarantee you that you will have no mobile phone coverage! For those that want to remain in contact with family members, friends and colleagues back on land, the best way to contact them is to use a satellite phone.

These handy devices enable you to make a call from virtually any part of the world, regardless of whether there is any land-based cell coverage nearby or not. And if you would rather not sport a satellite phone with a massive aerial like the one pictured above, you can always opt for the Thuraya SatSleeve which is basically a mobile dock of sorts for the Apple iPhone!


VHF Radio


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An absolute must for any boat regardless of how far away it sails from land, the humble old VHF radio allows easy maritime communications with other boats, port authorities and emergency services personnel.

VHF radios can either be fixed (such as the one pictured above) or portable, the latter being useful for emergency situations and are often waterproof. Chances are the boat you have already has a VHF radio installed, but if not you should get one installed as a matter of urgency; these devices can literally be the difference between life and death when you’re out at sea!

Cool Box


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Although many boats will have refrigerators as standard, it’s always nice to have a cool box on board should you decide to stop off ashore somewhere on your travels and want to bring some food and drink on land with you from your boat!

There are all sorts of different sized cool boxes that you can buy, and from many different makers such as Yeti.

Boat Heater


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I won’t lie to you; it can be pretty damn cold on the water at times! I once remember sleeping in a yacht for a couple of nights and it was so cold in the evening that when you woke up, the condensation that built up from the warm people aboard and the cold water underneath literally dripped down onto you from the top!

If you don’t have adequate heating in your boat, I suggest you check out the website to upgrade your boat’s heating from “freezing” to “roasty toasty”!

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