Essential Considerations When Purchasing A Man Pad

Are you looking to purchase the perfect man pad this year? Would you like to find a property this is ideal for a bloke like you? Then you’ve come to the right place this morning. We’re going to list some essential considerations you will need to bear in mind. So long as you can tick everything off our list, you have found the perfect new home. When all’s said and done, most guys want the same things. We’re not trying to say you’re predictable. We’re just trying to highlight that you know what you want.

Is it in a good location?

Ideally, you don’t want to move into a dodgy area with high crime rates. Indeed, there are plenty of new homes available in desirable locations. That is why you shouldn’t settle for anything less than perfect. Presuming you work in the city, it makes sense to stay close to your place of business. Buying in the centre of London is never going to become an affordable process. That is why so many people opt to live in the surrounding towns and cities. You can find information about crime rates online.

Is it less than one mile from the pub?

Most guys like to socialise after work and at the weekends. So, there is no point buying a property that is too far away from the local pub. You’ll want to stumble home from there without having to pay for a taxi. In an ideal world, you should aim to get somewhere less than one mile away. That should help to ensure that you always make it home in one piece, regardless of how many pints you might sink.

Is there enough space to create a home cinema?

No man pad or cave would be complete without a dedicated home cinema. You must ensure the property you select is large enough to house such a room. At the very least, you need enough space to install cinema seats. You also need a large enough wall for your projector screen. Spare bedrooms are usually perfect. However, many people opt to convert their loft.

Is the rent affordable?

We hate to get too serious in our articles, but money is usually a big issue. The last thing you want to do is leave yourself penniless. So, you must ensure that you don’t purchase anywhere too expensive. There is nothing worse than working full time and still having no money. We would advise that you should leave yourself at least £100 per week for entertainment. At the end of the day, you will struggle to enjoy your man pad if you don’t have any cash left over after the purchase.

So long as you can tick all those questions off our list, you have found the perfect man pad. Now all you need to worry about is negotiating the price. As with anything else in this world, it is often wise to employ professional help. There are lots of property lawyers around these days who would be more than willing to assist.


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