Essential Cleaning Short Cuts For The Busy Man

When you are a busy guy and always on the move, you can often forget about keeping your living space in order. Perhaps last night’s plates get left in the morning rush, or you haven’t managed to put a wash on since the weekend. There are a lot of areas in the home that need looking after, but if you are living alone and working hard, there often just isn’t the time. Well, your problems might just be over. In this piece, we’re going to look at some essential cleaning shortcuts that will – hopefully – work for busy men across the world.



NOTE: These tips work equally as well for lazy men.

Make More Time

OK, so you have a routine and get up at the same time every day. You get into work five minutes before you are supposed to. But what if you set your alarm just fifteen minutes earlier? You can get a lot done in a quarter of an hour, and the result is that you won’t have to come home to a pile of dirty dishes and the smell of last night’s take out. It’s not a big change to make, and it is very easy to implement. Fifteen minutes – that’s all it takes.

Get A Robot Slave

If you are tired of having a dirty carpet or wooden floor, then think about getting a robotic cleaner. They are great for vacuuming up your floor while you get on with other tasks. All you need to do is start them off, and a sensor will guide it around your room and clear everything. You can get them for different surfaces, too. These, for example, will satisfy your hardwood vacuuming needs in no time at all. In fact, make use of other equipment to free up your time. Dishwashers are the perfect example, although make sure you are giving them a full load or you will be wasting power and water. Robots are great, and I for one will welcome any new additions – particularly when it comes to cleaning tasks.

Set Aside A Cleaning Day

One day a month is not much of a commitment, is it? That’s all it will take to keep your home gleaming and in clean condition. Go as deep as you can for the best results, and it should last several weeks. Of course, there is also a motivational result that you get from deep cleaning. Not only will it be cleaner, but it will inspire you to keep it that way. Once the dirt starts to set in, it’s easy to look at it as too big a job. But if everything’s zinging already? It’s just a case of a quick wipe down.

Have A Place For Everything

Finally, you need to think about clutter. Everything in your home should have a place that it calls home – and you should know where it is. It will make your cleaning time so much shorter, and also keeps your bachelor pad looking great. Also, when you get those unexpected visitors, it is far less embarrassing!


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