Easy Ways to Improve Muscle Tone


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You don’t need to pay for expensive gym memberships to build up your muscle tone. You can make impressive gains by changing smalls things and working out in your home. There are lots of specific types of workout which will help muscle tone, and these should always be supported by a good diet.

Remember, before you start any regime you should talk to a doctor first, but these simple tips should help you improve your muscle tone once you’ve done that.

Cardio Workouts

If you want to expose more of your muscle, the best place to start is by losing weight. By shedding fat, your natural muscle will become visible. And the best way to lose weight is via cardio workouts.

Cardio means any kind of exercise which gets your heart rate up. That can be running or cycling or just fast walking, depending on where you’re starting from. Make sure you do this kind of exercise regularly. Otherwise the effect will be minimal.

Strength Building

Once you’ve got rid of all the excess fat, you’ll need to start building up your muscle strength. These can be done easily at home and don’t necessarily require any complicated gym equipment. Anything that involves weights or body weight movements will count as strength building.

Push ups, squats, weight lifting, crunches and lunges are great exercises to start with. Start slowly and gradually increase your regime. It’s important to stretch yourself, but it’s also important to make sure you don’t push too hard.

Tailored Diets

Your exercise regime is worthless without a good, healthy diet to accompany it. My first tip would be to avoid sugar, salt and high-calorie food as much as you can. Carbohydrate is important but if you take on too much of the bad stuff, you’ll just pile on the fat, not the muscle.

My second bit of advice would be to take on protein. Everyone knows by now that protein is vital for muscle gain. There is good and bad protein though. Focus on food like fresh chicken breast, fresh fish, nuts, beans and eggs.

Muscle Supplement Drinks

There are lots of companies that produce protein shakes and muscle supplement drinks. Supplements like creatine help you build up muscle more quickly and boost your energy levels during your workout.

Don’t be tempted to drink too many high-caffeine and high-sugar energy drinks though. We are constantly bombarded with adverts, but they’re not very good for us. They could actually hold you back.

Set Goals

Before you start your new regime, you need to set your goals. What is your goal? How will you know when you reach it? These are important questions that need answers before you start lifting weights. Everyone would love to be a super-fit athlete, but that’s not a realistic goal to set yourself.

Your goals should be ambitious but not impossible to reach. It’s important to get the balance right, or you won’t be motivated to carry on working, and your goals will be rendered pretty much worthless.


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