Easy Ways to Have Better Heart Health

Being conscious of your heart health is important to your overall well being. One of the most common illnesses facing men and women today is cardiovascular disease, and unfortunately, stress, eating habits, and sleeping habits, among other things, can all play a role in the health of your heart.


From high blood pressure to stroke to heart attack, there are many different health related problems associated with poor heart health. Being conscious of your heart health is not only for short-term benefits of energy, but also for the long-term benefits of your overall health.


Here are simple ways to have better heart health:


Sexual Intimacy

Those who are sexually intimate on a regular basis actually have a reduced risk of heart disease than those who engage in sex infrequently. Sex helps to increase endorphins, which help energize your body, reduce your stress, and even boost your immunity. These benefits help reduce your risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, helping you to lead a long, healthy life.


Being sexually intimate comes with responsibility, such as being smart and using protection. Using condoms can help you and your partner stay safe. Because moments can be unplanned, being prepared with a condom can help you be protected at all times.


Getting Enough Sleep

Research has shown that those who get anywhere between six to eight hours of sleep a night have a lesser chance of developing heart disease. Not getting enough sleep results in higher stress levels, less productivity, and less energy, which can lead to increasing your chances of heart disease. Sleep is incredibly beneficial to your body’s response to health.


Get Your Blood Pressure Checked

Most doctors recommend getting your blood pressure checked at least once every couple of years, especially for those who are already at risk for heart disease or have family members who suffer from heart disease.


Taking the time to check your blood pressure can help you determine the strength of your heart. Having high blood pressure means it is much more difficult for your blood to reach your heart, which means your heart has to work extra hard to work properly. The harder it works, the faster it wears out.


While there are dietary and lifestyle changes you will need to make, in some cases, if your blood pressure is high enough, you may need to take medication.



One of the best ways to strengthen your heart is to remove saturated fats from your diets. These cholesterol clogging foods can fill your arteries with plaque, which puts you at a higher risk of heart disease and heart attack. Avoid foods with hydrogenated fats, instead, trying to eat more heart healthy foods, including lean proteins, like fish and chicken, and fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants, omega-3s, and vitamins and minerals.



The more you exercise, the better health your heart will be in, as breaking a sweat with physical activity helps strengthen your heart. For those with desk jobs, this is especially important, as spending too much time being sedentary can hurt your heart’s health.


Try to exercise at least 30 minutes a day a few times a week, as this can increase your heart rate and help your body to stay strong and healthy.


Alcohol and Cigarettes

Both alcohol and cigarettes can hurt your heart health. While a bit of red wine has been known to help strengthen your heart, indulging in too much hard liquor can hurt your heart, as well as damage your liver.


Nicotine and tobacco are equally bad for your heart, as the chemicals in both are extremely harmful to your body. The harsh chemicals make your body work twice as hard, as nicotine reduces the amount of oxygen your heart gets, actually raises blood pressure, and makes you more susceptible to blood clots.


Secondhand smoke can have the same effects, thus it is best to avoid being around smoke as much as possible. Lastly, many use electronic cigarettes in place of cigarettes, as they believe they are less harmful. However, electronic cigarettes still have nicotine in them and other harmful chemicals, which can put you at a greater risk of heart disease.


Taking care of your heart can help you have a long and healthy life.


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