Don’t Buy a Used Car Until You Read These 5 Tips

There are a lot of things to be wary of when you’re planning to buy a used car, so below are 5 tips to help you with this task. You can also find more information from reputable car finance companies like Dreamloans.

Keep Your Head

It’s no good going into a negotiation of any kind when you’re all wound up. If you’re too excited about the car, and worried you’ll miss out on it, you’re not going to be in the optimum position to secure the best deal for yourself. Even if you really love the vehicle, or really need a car right away, make every effort to keep your emotions out of it. Remind yourself that there are plenty more cars to buy; the more ‘walk away’ power you project in your attitude, the more power you have in negotiating your deal.

Take A Mate

Take someone with you when you’re looking at the cars; someone who knows a thing or two about vehicles would be good. Two heads are better than one when it comes to test drives; so are two pairs of eyes, two ears, and really just an extra bit of knowledge and support. It’s much harder for salespeople to put pressure on two people than on one. In addition, if you find you are easily excited by the cars you’re seeing, and you’re having trouble keeping your emotions in check, having a friend along can help with this.

Wave Your Cash

Take the cash with you if you can. Having your cash ready to go puts you in the prime negotiating position. Most salespeople love to see a stack of cash, and they won’t push you quite so hard when they know it’s right there in front of them.

Ask Questions

Make a list of any and all questions you’d like to ask – about the car, and about any additional things like servicing, finance, the cost of parts – anything and everything that occurs to you. You’ll probably think up quite a few things you want to know while you’re doing your research. You may find some of your questions less relevant once you’re in the showroom and you’ve test driven the car you’re keen on, but make your list nevertheless.

Due Diligence

Make sure you find out as much about the car (or cars) you’re considering as possible. Do your research online to work out how much you can realistically expect to pay for the type or types of cars you’re interested in, remembering to factor in mileage, age, and the general condition of the vehicle. Note down any questions you think you might want to ask about the vehicle as you do your research. Finding out how many kilometres to the litre of fuel the vehicle gets is a good start.

Take your time when buying a used car. Even just knowing a few of the right questions to ask can make a big difference to how easy or hard it is to get the car for you, with the price and inclusions that best suit your needs.

Do you have any top tips for people who are heading out to buy a used car? Why not share them in the comments box below?

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