Do You Need to Be Looking Over Your Shoulder?

When it comes to your daily life, do you feel like you need to be looking over your shoulder at times?

If so, that feeling can be one of angst and at times even fear.

Whether you did something years ago you think might come back to haunt you or something more recently, not worrying about what might happen to you is a good feeling.

That said how can you feel better when it comes to knowing that you in fact do not have anything to worry about?

Know That Your Record is in Fact Clean

In order to know that your personal record is as clean as can be, doing a warrant check is a great place to start.

Now, why might a warrant be out for your arrest?

Well, that could be due to a number of reasons, among which would include:

  • Not having paid a traffic ticket or tickets over time
  • Owing an ex alimony and/or child support
  • Having avoided reporting for jury duty and not notifying the courts why you couldn’t make it.

Much to your surprise, you could find yourself in hot water one day, a day where law enforcement shows up and tells you there is a warrant out for your arrest.

That surprise could come in running your license plate/tags and pulling you over, leading to a possible confrontation since you are totally caught off guard. In the heat of the moment, you say or do something that exacerbates the situation, leading to even more problems for you.

So, doesn’t knowing you have a clean record sound much better than getting an awful surprised from law enforcement?

Where to Turn for Help?

In the event you are in fact wanted by law enforcement, the best thing to do after surrendering is fighting for your rights.

This starts with considering whether or not you need to get a defense attorney.

In some cases, paying whatever fines you owe etc. can alleviate the time and effort of being dragged into court.

On the flip side of the coin, you may feel as if you are in over your head, thereby constituting the need for legal help.

Either way, take the time to research your legal options, avoiding making a quick decision, a decision you may ultimately regret over time.

If you do decide that reaching out for legal assistance is your best move, what do you want (and need) in a defense attorney?

Among the areas of importance:

  • Experience – First and foremost, how experienced is your prospective defense attorney? While there are some great young legal minds out there, having someone who has been down this road time and time again usually is the way to go.
  • Service – Given how serious this matter is, you don’t want a defense attorney who is simply out seeking another paycheck. Find someone who will give you top-notch customer service, leaving them working for you and not the other way around.
  • Results – Last but not least, you want someone who delivers results. Sure, all attorneys lose cases from time to time, but the real good ones have a sparkling record of success stories. Find that legal expert who will get the best results for you.


Moving Forward with Your Life

Once you have discovered there is a search warrant out for you, and once you have ultimately settled the matter with the courts, what’s next?

Most importantly, learn from this experience.

At the end of the day, your personal lifestyle can have a sizable impact on not only relationships with friends and family, but also the job world.

When you are able to put the warrant matter to bed, make sure in the future that any traffic tickets, financial issues regarding a divorce, even skipping out on jury duty etc. are all addressed in a timely and proper manner.

In doing so, you’re much less likely to be looking over your shoulder moving forward in life.


Photo Credit: Carlos Twose on Flickr CC-BY-2.0.

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