Do You Know How To Shave Correctly? Think Again!

Shaving is one chore that we men have to endure. Grooming is vital because it helps to present us at our best so that we can socialise and integrate with those around us. Some people take it too far, in my opinion, but each to his own, as they say.

Unless you grow designer stubble or wear a beard, you must shave correctly. Employers ask their staff to be smart at work, and it makes you feel better if you look sharp. Shaving isn’t as simple as dragging a disposable razor across your wet face; if your face is to feel as smooth as a baby, you have to do it right.

Here are my shaving tips that will serve you well for the rest of your life.


The first step is to wash your face with soap and hot water. You are about to use a razor that has a surgical edge, and there is a risk of infection if you cut yourself. Washing your face will remove bacteria that could get into a cut. The bacteria can also cause acne if they get into your skin.


Use a pre-shave moisturiser next. There are plenty on the market from which to choose. If you have sensitive skin, you should look for one that is from natural products. The aim of moisturising is to help the blade glide across your skin.


Most people use foam from a can these days, and I think it is the best product too. Rub the foam onto your face in a circular motion. Use as much as you need; this is no time to be frugal. Cover the area you are to shave well.


Many people think that they are likely to cut their face with a new blade, but the opposite is true. There is more chance of mishap with a dull razor than a new one. When the blade is past its best, replace it.

Shave with the grain of your beard. You can tell if you are going against it by the sound and the way the blade seems to tug at your face. Areas of your beard will grow in different directions, and you will soon become familiar with them.

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After the first shave, you should wet your face, apply more cream, and perform a second one. This time, go against the grain. It will not tug because you removed most of the whiskers previously


After the second shave, rinse with clean, warm water. It is essential that you do not put bacteria out of the sink back onto your face. Dab your skin dry with a clean towel; don’t rub it.


You should always use an aftershave to finish. It does more than make you smell good. It was originally invented as a disinfectant to kill any remaining bacteria on your skin. Though you might not see it, you have caused damage with the razor. That is why it stings so much when you splash the product on your face. Grit your teeth and get on with it; don’t be a wimp!

There you go guys; the perfect shave. It will help with your complexion and make you look attractive. Take extra time when you shave; it is worth the effort.

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