Ditch the Gag Ties: 4 Ties You Should be Wearing Instead

A bold tie can truly be a fashion asset for a man. It should be able to make a great first impression without stealing the whole show. Whether you wear a tie every day for work or you need something special for a first date, you’ll thank yourself for choosing the right tie. So ditch the gag ties, here is a list of four ties every guy should own.

The Skinny

Skinny ties are extremely fashion forward and work well in both formal and casual settings. Choose a solid color for a more serious look; black or navy ties are always classic fashion staples for men. For a bolder ensemble, go with gold or a striking burgundy. Solid skinny ties can be layered under a sweater, with a suit, or simply against a nice button down shirt. The possibilities are endless.

The Pin Dot

Pin dots are like the polka dots’ sophisticated older brother. They add a certain amount of character and style, while still being professional and smart looking. White pin dots on navy blue or hunter green are a great way to add color to your wardrobe, or for a more modern color palette black dots on gray can be very sharp and distinctive with a work suit.

The Stripe

Even more than the pin dot, the striped tie is a must have for every man’s collection. The striped pattern is so classic that you can afford to be as reserved or as creative with the colors as you want. Striped ties really pop against a solid shirt, but to really show off your fashion skills, match a simple stripey tie with a striped shirt. Be sure the tie’s stripes are the stronger pattern and the colors are a good match.

The Knit

Knit ties are a quick and easy way to add dimension and texture to your style. Knitted ties will add some variety to your office wardrobe, and they can just as easily spice up your favorite pair of jeans or khakis. Layer your knit tie over a crisp, white dress shirt for a dramatic and fashionable look.

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Published on: March 2, 2014

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3 Responses to Ditch the Gag Ties: 4 Ties You Should be Wearing Instead

  1. Robert H. says:

    I agree with these tips; ties are a crucial part of your business style and a grown man should be wearing a serious tie in the office, not something silly. I stick with stripes or pin dots as I find they’re the most professional looking.

  2. Peter O'Connell says:

    Do you think a older man can pull off the ‘skinny’ tie, or are they best left to the younger types?

  3. Tom Baxter says:

    Knit ties are my favourite, they add that bit of texture to make your suit just a little more interesting.

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