Design Themes to Consider When Making Over Your Living Room

We all need to give our living rooms a makeover once in a while. If you’re stuck for new design ideas, why not try out one of these four themes?

Bold Colors

You either need to go for bold colors or don’t. Too many people use them half-heartedly, but this rarely creates a good overall look for the room. I wouldn’t recommend using bold colors if you’re just using them here and there. Softer colors are better if you are not making color the central focus of the design.

If you do decide to go for bold colors, they need to be the focus of the room. Pick a couple of colors that compliment each other and then design the rest of the room around them. Don’t use more than two bold colors though. Otherwise, the room will start to look overpowered and a little messy.


There’s nothing new about minimalism. It comes in and out of fashion all the time, and that’s because there’s something reliable and eternal about it. It’s a great theme to fall back on if you haven’t got any other ideas. There’s nothing not to like about minimalism if you like open spaces and clean surfaces.

You should start the design by picking a color that is relatively mild and easy to build a design around. A lot of the best minimalist living room designs are those that go with a black and white color scheme. It’s classic and simple, yet it looks great. Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best ones.


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Rustic designs work best in rural families homes and log cabins. In these kinds of buildings, the rustic design will give the space an authentic and homely feel, the like of which can’t be captured in any other way. Rustic decor includes traditional patterned curtains, cushions and rocking chairs.

There are other things you can do to create a rustic design in your home though. For example, you could install a log burner in your fireplace and use it during the winter months. The flooring plays a big part in creating a rustic feeling too; you should think about exposing the floorboards and sanding them down.


Living room designs don’t have to be too organized or regulated. It can often look best when you let your living room design look a little more random and relaxed. To do this, you could let the room reflect your own lives and personalities. You want your home to look individual, don’t you?

Too many rooms look like they’ve been transported fresh from the pages of a catalogue. Don’t fall into that trap, believe me, you’ll end up regretting it eventually. So, why not sit down with your family and think about how the design of the room can be tailored to suit your family’s lifestyle.

These four designs all offer you something totally unique. Each of them is very different, so think about which one you want to try out next in your living room.

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