Daring fashion ideas for the body confident man

It is very tempting to dismiss lingerie as being exclusively for women, however, should it be a whole area of the fashion world that men can only enjoy as an observer, and certainly not something to wear. Sadly such a limiting belief means that a couple will only ever get half as much fun from a bit of playful dressing up as they potentially could.

Body confidence

For a man, or indeed a couple, interested in trying out lingerie for men the first thing to address is body confidence. How comfortable are you in your own skin? If the answer to that is ‘not very’ you are not likely to be any more confident in a revealing outfit that can often make you feel even more exposed than wearing no clothes at all! As the whole purpose of such dressing up is to enjoy yourself, this could mean you are defeating the object and failing at step one.

Fortunately there are many ways to boost your confidence. Talk to your partner, ask them what they like about your body and you will probably be surprised. After all if they have expressed an interest in seeing you in something revealing, and especially if it was their idea, that is a huge compliment in itself!

One of the most effective ways of learning to swim is to jump straight into the deep end, because sometimes the best way to build up the confidence to try something is to just do it. You can even start small and simple, with perhaps a pair of smart boxers, and build from there.

Revealing options

For men who are very comfortable with their body, there are even more options and a whole range of trends and garments to choose from.

Boxers and loungewear are a great place to start. Wearing something smarter and a bit more luxurious than regular underwear will make you feel significantly sexier before you have even undressed. It also shows an attention to detail and that you have put in some extra effort, which is guaranteed to impress your partner and make them feel special.

If you want to take things up a notch and try something a bit more revealing, men thong underwear is a great next step. There is a big range out there depending on how revealing you want to be, and while thongs are still several steps away from anything most people would think of as really extreme they are definitely out of the ordinary on a guy, and a guaranteed way to surprise and hopefully delight your partner.

On the subject of novelty, there is also a range of options for people who find funny sexy. Posing pouches in all shapes and sizes and are a great way to bring fun into the bedroom in a very real sense!

Keeping it fresh

Having fun in the bedroom is a great source of pleasure and spicing things up with a few fashion accessories is a great way of keeping things fresh and exciting. Expanding your horizons by considering things that you may previously have dismissed opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

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