Cool Gadgets Every Man Would Love To Own

Let’s face it guys, women will never understand the compulsion that you feel when it comes to owning gadgets. The gadget may be practically useless, but its mere existence makes it desirable when trying to tame the world around us.

Luckily, gadgets make choosing gifts for men easy; there are many weird and wonderful creations on the market. The selection is vast, and we are sure to appreciate whichever contraption is bought for us.

If you are looking for a trustworthy gadget that cannot fail to delight, look no further. Here are some of the most popular gadgets around today.

Swiss Army Knife

Do not assume that because technology has moved on, traditional gadgets are not still firm favourites for men. The Swiss army knife is a perfect example of intricate engineering that will provide a lifeline in case of an emergency. If a man is trapped in a building when there is an earthquake, he will be able to lead others to safety by sawing through obstacles and using the pliers and screwdrivers to dismantle blockages in their path. Think of how devastated he would be if they came across a horse with a stone stuck in its shoe and didn’t have that all important tool to hand. Yes, a Swiss army knife remains in the number one spot of the most desirable gadgets ever made.


Since the iPhone took the market by storm, it has become a desirable piece of technology for kids and adults alike over the last five years. That is hardly surprising because it is a very powerful pocket computer that does incredible things. Even the most basic app uses more computing power than was available to the Apollo moon landing program back in the late 1960s. There are almost forty thousand apps available for the iPhone so it is unlikely that an owner will ever run out of things to do. Social networking has become an integral part of daily life for many people and this gadget will keep them right at the heart of their social circles.

Monster Crawling Hand

Yes, it is a pointless gadget, but a must have one too. The crawling green hand is great fun. Set it to automatic so that it will move at random times and shriek with delight when it does. Priceless.

Car Sun Shade Organiser

There may not be much to organise in the car, but to a man who has just passed his test, the sun shade organiser is a must. It is easy to spot new drivers from the organiser and driving gloves.

Digital Camera

A digital camera is an ideal present, but it must have all of the bells and whistles available. Compare digital cameras online to get the best deal. Learn a little about them so that you can understand the jargon before investing in one.

Bluetooth Headphones

Anything wireless is awesome. Wireless headphones allow us to move around the house to carry on with other things while listening to music. So boogie on down in a silent room when no-one is looking.  They will also give the ears of others a rest from your music too, so they are a two-for-one present.

Women always say that men are hard to buy for, but knowing that technology is continuously developing helps! We all love a good gadget; of which the list is endless.
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