Cool Car Gadgets For Cool Guys; The Ultimate guide

So you have just passed your test and are looking for ways to trick out your new ride? The chances are that it is a bit of a rust bucket in order to keep your insurance premiums low. Don’t despair, you can’t see the rust when you sit at the wheel. We have all been there, but things will get better.

There are thousands of new gadgets on the market today that you can use to jazz up your driving experience. We will take a look at some of the most common, but essential nonetheless, items that you can own.

Before we take a look at some of the technological wonders, I would like to pay homage to the awesome gadget mat. It waits the dashboard without fuss until you need it. You can put almost anything on it in the knowledge that it will stay there under all driving conditions. If something slips off the mat, you have most likely crashed. Buy a mat to protect your equipment; you know it makes sense.


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Here are a few items of equipment for you to consider.


Even if you have bought a newish car from a dealer, it is unlikely that it will come with a subwoofer. When you hear a booming noise emanating from a vehicle, it is caused by this awesome speaker. The occupant of the vehicle will have a bewildered smile on his face as he battles to hold onto his fillings. But he looks cool. Check out some subwoofer reviews and see if there is one you like. You will need to fit an amplifier too, but it is an easy job.

Travel Mug

I spoke to a valet at Saxton 4×4, who reckons the only gadget modern cars need is a travel mug, so it is on my list. This humble piece of equipment can offer you some comfort on long drives or when you are in winter traffic jams. You can make a drink before you leave the house and plug the mug into your cigarette lighter to keep it piping hot until you need it.

Satellite Navigation

This incredible and useful marvel of modern technology is standard in many new cars. Unbelievable, you can pick up a portable unit for under fifty pounds these days. They all come with detailed maps, and you can even download those for other countries too. The art of map reading is dying out now that the voice of your choosing directs you in a polite manner.

Reversing Camera

You will find reversing camera kits online or in auto accessory shops. They are useful to those who are not confident in driving backwards. Reversing sensors can make you panic as they get faster, but the image from a camera lets you see exactly what is behind you.

Ray Gun

There was a craze in the early 90’s for little boxes that emit the sound of a machine or ray gun. If another motorist annoys you, blast  them into the next world with this awesome gadget. They only cost a few pounds too, so drop a few hints to people for your birthday.

Those are my favourite gadgets. As I said, you can choose from thousands of others, so go online and see what you can discover. The things people think up will blow your mind. Until later, my friends, stay cool.

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