Clueless About Flowers? Your Ultimate Guide To Picking The Right Bouquet

When you have a lady in your life, there are many occasions when you might want to buy her flowers. Most men struggle to know what to buy. You might prefer to shop online, or you might pick something based on price. There are plenty of different colors, shapes and varieties of flowers to choose from. Sadly, most guys shy away from getting too involved in what they’re selecting. Understanding a little more about the meaning of each flower could go a long way to impressing that lucky lady recipient. There are hidden romantic and sentimental messages in the blooms you choose. Spend a little bit of time finding out what it is you’re really saying when you present that bouquet.


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Some flowers are chosen because they look really good. Others are chosen because they aren’t too expensive. The trouble is, you might be sending mixed messages to your lady. For example, carnations are one of the most popular flowers in bouquets. Carnations are a way of saying ‘I miss you’ but yellow carnations are a symbol of rejection or disappointment. Roses are another popular choice. Who wouldn’t hand over a dozen red roses if they could afford to? Red roses are a symbol of love and respect, but dark crimson roses mean you are in mourning. Careful selection is key when it comes to telling your lady what you really mean with flowers.

If you’re sending flowers at Valentines, you might send yellow chrysanthemums to tell her she has a secret admirer. If you score that first date, you want to send the right message. You don’t want to come on too strong, so choosing the right flowers in your first bouquet is a challenge. Hibiscus and Jasmine can be used to acknowledge your lady’s delicate beauty and grace. Hyacinths suggest you are sincere, and yellow roses suggest you are interested in friendship. Yellow tulips say you are hopelessly in love so you might want to avoid those on your first date!

As your relationship blossoms (excuse the pun), your choice of bouquets should evolve too. Star of Bethlehem or Stephanotis can be used to wish someone luck. Irises offer inspiration, and gladiolus says you believe your lady has a strong personality. These are great if she’s off for a job interview. You might feel you need to say sorry once or twice in your relationship. Include some white tulips, white chrysanthemums and pink carnations for the ultimate apology bouquet. Not only do they say everything you need, but they look beautiful too.

Presenting your special someone with a lovely bouquet of flowers is a great way to get her to smile. You can hand them to her yourself, or make a big deal out of a special occasion by having them delivered to her office or home. Receiving flowers this way means all her friends and colleagues are likely to see them and make a big fuss. They’ll all want to know what the card says. You can ask the florist to come up with something, but for a special message why not borrow from your favorite song lyric? If you’re feeling appropriately inspired, you may want to get creative and pen a little poem yourself!

Choosing flowers with meaning also adds strength to what you want to say to her. If she asks why you are buying her flowers, she might be wondering if you’ve done something she wouldn’t be happy about! Don’t take offence. Your lovely lady may just not be used to being spoilt with flowers. Communicating with flowers is a great way to help her believe your message. It doesn’t always have to be a special occasion like a birthday or celebration. You might just want to tell her you love her. White chrysanthemums mean truth, so add them whenever you need to tell her something you think she won’t believe.

Sending flowers is one of the best ways to say ‘I love you’. When you’ve made up your mind to declare your love, visit a good florist. Websites like can offer some inspiration. If she is your first love, you might want to include Lilacs. Pink, red and violet tulips are a wonderful way to confirm your love with flowers. Pansies suggest you are having loving thoughts about your partner, so they might be a nice way for you to hint to her your intentions.

When the time comes to get down on one knee, a dozen red roses is definitely the way to go! The red rose symbolises passionate love, and they make up the most beautiful and fragrant bouquets. In contrast, the white rose is very popular in a bride’s bouquet because it suggest purity. Bridal bouquets are usually tied in a special way with ribbon and pearl pins. This holds them together more reliably than standard bouquets. If you would like your bouquets prepared with ribbons and bindings, have a chat with your florist about what they can do for you.


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Flowers don’t just come in bouquets. You can send basket arrangements too. These are popular for Mother’s Day and Easter gifts, but can be very romantic for your partner too. Some florists can prepare the flowers in attractive pots or vases. That way your girlfriend doesn’t need to do anything to enjoy them straight away. Ribbons and decorations go a long way to finishing off the presentation of your specially selected flowers too.

Some guys think picking up a bunch of flowers when they fill up their car is a grand romantic gesture. Your girlfriend may disagree, so spend a little bit of time choosing the right blooms for your lady. Whether you want to tell her you love her, or you just want to make her smile, select flowers to help you communicate what you want to say. You can choose flowers for their shape and size. Or choose them for the amount they cost, but make sure something in there says how you feel about her. Show the love of your life your romantic side with a gorgeous bouquet this weekend.

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