Ideas For Becoming A Frugal Consumer

In the tumultuous economy in which we currently live, achieving a frugal lifestyle has never been more important. And if there was one silver lining about today’s market place it’s that people are finding different and creative ways to save money. If your lifestyle consists of financial restraints, ultimately keeping you away from the things you love doing, now is the time to make a change.

1.)   Install a programmable thermostat – Make your home an intuitive environment. Setting the thermostat contradictory to the current temperature causes boatloads of energy to be used; conversely, setting the thermostat in conjunction with the outside temperature requires less energy to be used. For example, when you’re away from home during the hot summer season, program your thermostat to be higher during the day and cooler during the night when you’re home.

2.)   Consider bundling your home entertainment – In today’s digital age, home entertainment is a high priority. But by bundling your services and products together, such as with Killeen CenturyLink bundles, you’re essentially cutting your costs by eliminating the need to invest in individual items.
3.)   Start scheduling your dinners – Don’t get trapped in the compulsion of “where should we eat” and the “I’m hungry” attitude. Save yourself time and money when you strategically plan what your dinners you’ll be having on a weekly basis.
4.)   Be skeptical about that gym membership – This response is highly underappreciated. The world is at your disposal, filled with fresh air, panoramic skies and endless terrain to explore. Dump that gym membership and save yourself from the added expense.

5.)   Increase insurance deductibles – By lowering your monthly premiums, you’ll end up saving hundreds per year; just be sure to start storing away money (as an emergency fund) to help assist you in case something goes astray.

6.)   Don’t be afraid to wear your clothes more than once – Either we’re afraid of our fashion-ego or germphobic we are guilty of washing our clothing much too liberally. Start saving money on your energy bill by wearing your clothes two or three times before you wash them.

7.)   Invest in replacing your windows – This goes especially true for homeowners whose property is old or weathered. Poorly conditioned windows allow air to easily escape or let outside air get in; whatever the reason may be, each time you turn on the heating or cooling system, you’re causing more energy to be used when windows are left open, cracked or damaged.

8.)   Have dinner before going to the movies – If you haven’t noticed yet, going to the movies today has become an investment rather than a luxury; however, if you do choose to hit the cinemas, make sure to have something in your belly before hand. Snacks at the movie theater are extremely overpriced and mostly non-nutritious.

9.)   Start getting creative during your free time – Recreational activities don’t have to cost you any money. Use the environment at your disposal. Start going to the park, fishing on the dock/pier, mountain bike or go to the beach. Having fun without spending money does exist.

10.)   Take Advantage of Coupons. You would be amazed at the sort of deals you can find. While tangible, paper coupons can still be advantageous, online deals are taking over. Sites such as Coupon Sherpa offer coupons and deals from major places like Amazon, Target, and practically every other retail outlet. The deals only get more abundant during the holiday season.

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