Travel Destinations For The Adventurous Man

We’re not all built for a week sunbathing in South Beach. For some men, their vacation has to offer something a little more special. If you’re more into adrenaline rushes and working up a sweat on your time off than lounging by the pool, here are some great ideas to inspire your next week off work.


Swimming In Greece

Swimming vacation specialists Swim Trek offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to those who love to get their fitness kicks off land. Leave the boats to the lazy travelers and swim between Greek islands this summer. These group tours give you the chance to island hop while your luggage follows behind you by boat- you’ll get an incredible workout while experiencing the serene beauty of the Mediterranean. Instructors are also on hand to give you pointers and make sure your swimming is up to the challenge.


Whitewater Rafting In Honduras

Honduras’s Mosquito Coast isn’t known for its cozy accommodation- this vacation spot is purely for the tough and adventurous. The coast has rough and ready waves that are tailor made for the perfect day of whitewater rafting, and the jungle will give you plenty of exciting wildlife and terrain to explore. This isn’t a vacation for the faint-hearted. Bring your camping gear and be prepared for the adrenaline rush of a lifetime.


Cycling In Belgium

If cycling and beer drinking are among your greatest passions then head to Belgium for your dream vacation. Tour company Ciclismo Classico have a 326-mile trail mapped out for you to cycle and sightsee, stopping off at all of Belgium’s finest breweries and giving you the chance to take in the beautiful scenery of rural Belgium.


Vacation On Ice In Sweden

If seeing the Northern Lights is on your bucket list and you don’t mind a little bit of cold then Sweden will be your ideal destination. Swedish Lapland’s famous Icehotel is an architectural wonder- it’s built entirely from, you guessed it, ice. The hotel melts every summer and is built again for the winter season, with new designers and artists chipping in each season to create a stylish new look.

While the hotel itself may be luxurious, the activities on offer in the local area are all about adventure. You can take a sledge ride led by huskies, go snowmobiling and admire the aurora borealis in the awesome arctic atmosphere that only Lapland can offer.

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