Alternative Travel Ideas for the Upcoming Summer

Summer is almost here, so now if your final chance to decide upon your summer holiday. You could do something simple and conventional, but where’s the fun in that? Try these alternative ideas instead.

Go Camping

Traditional travel can often feel too organized and detached from reality. All those luxurious hotels are great, but once in a while you need to get back to nature. Going camping this summer could be a great way of shunning luxury and embracing nature. It’s cheap and enjoyable, so why not go for it?

You could visit a national park and pay a small fee to camp there for a week. Pile all the supplies you need into a backpack and go on an adventure! Make sure you get a sturdy tent and a warm sleeping bag though. You’ll be able to light the campfire and go fishing for food, you won’t miss those luxury hotels for a second!


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Travel the Mediterranean by Sea

Cruises can be great ways to see the world, and too many people rule them out before even considering them. If you book a last minute cruise, you can find yourself a real bargain. The ship stops regularly and gives you time to get out and explore by yourself, so you won’t feel trapped.

Alternatively, you could travel by yourself. There’s nothing stopping you from taking your own boat on the seas. Visit for more information on what it takes to travel the seas in your own boat. You’ll be able to drop anchor wherever you want, giving you a much greater freedom.

Take a City Break Somewhere New

City breaks are very popular at the moment, but they can be a little boring. Yes, Rome and Paris are great but they’re hardly original destinations are they? You should do some research and find some new cities to explore. There’s a whole world out there, so don’t stick to the conventional locations.

There are cities across Asia, South America, and Europe that very few people think about visiting. If you want to see Europe, why not visit Riga in Latvia or Ostrava in Czech Republic? Or if you feel like visiting Asia, you could stay in Saigon City in Vietnam or Macau in China.


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Go Summer Skiing

If the idea of relaxing on the beach this summer sounds completely boring to you, you should think about going skiing. It isn’t just for the winter months. If you ask me, the best time to ski is in the summer. The weather is good, but the conditions are still perfect for skiing at the top resorts.

The Alps is the best area I’d recommend for summer skiing. So, if you’re looking for something alternative and exhilarating, there’s no better option than skiing. You get the thrill of racing down a mountainside while being surrounded by some of the most beautiful and majestic landscapes on Earth.

Don’t go for a boring package holiday or something safe this summer. There are so many interesting options, so give some consideration to these ideas before making your decision.


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