The Modern Man’s Christmas Wish-List 2014

Christmas is just around the corner, and that means just one thing. It is time to start planning your Christmas wish-list. 2014 has been a fantastic year for new technology and gadgets. That means that you have a whole host of things from which to choose. Many women often find buying gifts for men difficult. Make sure that you give the women in your life some tips when it comes to buying your presents. If you don’t start hinting now, you will end up with another twenty pairs of socks. Socks are a useful present, but they are not the most interesting gift in the world.

When you’re making your wish-list, you have loads of things to consider. You might think that it is too early to be making your list right now, but you’re wrong. You can start looking at brochures and magazines now for some inspiration. Remember, many people buy their Christmas gifts far in advance. That means that you should make sure that you start telling people what you want in advance. Here is a modern man’s Christmas wish-list 2014.

Gifts for the workplace

Businessmen and entrepreneurs will adore getting gifts that help them in their daily life. 2014 has seen some incredible advancements in technology. From 3D printing to new cloud software, the world of tech has changed forever. This year, start looking at things that will suit you and your working environment. You might have your heart set on a new laptop or some new office decoration. Make sure that you start looking for the things you want now. The fact that businessmen are always on the move means that Windows tablets are also a must. Start making a list of the things that you need at work, rather than just things that you want. It is always nice to get gifts that you can use, rather than gifts that will end up in your drawers.

Gifts for the gym

Many modern men worry about their health and appearance. In 2014, the amount of men going to the gym on a weekly basis hit an all time high. If you are a fitness freak, there are a whole host of toys and gadgets you might want for the gym. One of the most useful gym accessories is a phone-holder armband. Everybody loves listening to music when they’re working out. Studies have found that working out while you listen to music improves your stamina. Listening to music on your phone, while you’re running can be tricky. An armband helps you to hold your phone while you jog. If you’re more of a swimmer than a jogger, you might consider a waterproof MP3 player. You can now get music systems that strap to your head while you are swimming so that you can listen to your favourite tunes underwater.


Fashion and clothing gifts

As the winter draws in, it might be a good time to start looking at winter attire. You need essential winter clothing when the weather drops. Why not ask your friends and family for a few choice pieces this Christmas? The likelihood is that someone in your family will buy you a woolen scarf and sweater. The problem is that when family members buy these items, they often choose pieces that you don’t like. Start showing people what kind of clothing you like. You don’t have to make things too obvious, but you could drop hints into the conversation. Brown and black are en vogue right now, so opt for sweaters in these colors.

Gadgets and technology

If you adore gadgets and new technology, ensure that people know about it. This year, there have been many new gadgets on the market. From waterproof iPhone cases to amazing backup systems for your laptop. There is everything you need to be a technology wizard. Read magazines, such as Wired, so that you can find out about all the latest technology before Christmas. There will be loads of new gadgets coming out in the next few weeks. In the lead up to Christmas, all the major technology companies will release new gadgets. That means that you can make sure that you have all the latest gadgets for 2015.

Gardening gifts

If you have green fingers, you will likely get the same gardening set from your family every year. While you can never have enough plant pots, it might be nice to get something a little different this year. Look for garden gadgets that you might want. From solar lighting to new sprinkler systems, there are many things that you could get for Christmas. Browse the internet and see whether anything takes your fancy. When people know that you love gardening, they tend to buy you seeds or gardening gloves each year. Tell people that you have enough gloves and ask for something a bit different.

Hobbies and special interest

What are your main hobbies and passions? Many hobbies, such as photography, are expensive to maintain. Help cover the cost of your hobby, by asking your family to pitch in to get you a large present. If everybody puts just a little money in the pot, you can buy that expensive camera you’ve been eyeing up over the last few months. The key to asking for presents is politeness. Tell people how much you would love a new camera and make a point of being grateful.

Trips and events

If you are not a materialistic person, a travel gift might be ideal for you. Many people forget that not all gifts are tangible. You might want to ask for a weekend break or an activity day. Virgin have a range of days and excursions that people can buy as gifts. From balloon rides to weekends abroad, there are loads of active gifts that you might enjoy. This year, why not tell people that you don’t want any presents? Tell them that all you want is a break or a vacation. People like to give gifts that they know you will love.

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