Everything You Need To Know About Throwing The Perfect Bachelor Party

The best-man’s job is not an easy one. There’s a lot of pressure on you. You have to deliver the perfect wild night and final send off for the groom. Then you have the difficult task of making the best man speech. Keeping some of the more embarrassing stories to yourself will be one of the most difficult challenges! Before all that, you’ve got the bachelor party to organise.

There is a fine art to organising the perfect bachelor party. It requires finding a balance between what the groom wants and injecting a few surprises. You need to cater and organise for a large group of people. Many of them may not know each other, making the whole process more difficult. There are certainly a lot of things to consider. Budget, location and activities are just the beginning.

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Before you start inviting people, run the guestlist by the groom. Make sure there are no surprises. More importantly, make sure there are no hidden conflicts between people that may come up. The last thing you want is old feuds to reignite. You’d be surprised how often this happens at bachelor parties when you start reminiscing. Try to keep the guestlist short and manageable. Remember, this is a big organisation, especially if you plan on going abroad.


The location is an important factor in a bachelor party. More and more bachelor parties are heading abroad on cheap flights. This is a great idea, just make sure everyone knows well in advance. A bachelor party abroad takes months of planning and notice. You can start off with some luxury by arranging airport pickups and dropoffs too.

Have a plan and stick to it

A spontaneous, impulsive night might sound like a great idea. But, when it comes to bachelor parties, that isn’t always the case. There are too many ideas and opinions when it comes to a large group and a big occasion. Everyone has their own ideas about what makes a great night. Remember, you’re in charge. Make the plan that you know the groom will love and stick to it. There’s no need for strict timetables, just set out a rough idea and make sure everyone knows.

Daytime activities

Let’s face it, bachelor parties are all about the night-time activities. However, it’s a really good idea to plan some daytime activities as well. They are a great idea before the big night as it allows everyone to meet and get to know each other. Things like paintballing and go karting are good ice breaking activities. After the big night, you need something to get you out of the hotel room. Just try not to make it too taxing, you’ll probably be feeling pretty delicate! Going to a football game, or just chilling out with films can be a good idea here.

Striking the right balance is tough, but once the party is in swing, it’s easy. With the right guestlist and little structure, the night should take itself. Now you’ve just got that speech to worry about.

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