4 Attractive, Masculine Bags for Men That Don’t Resemble Purses

Women have it easy.  There are tons of designer bags on the market these days that cater to their every need.

But when it comes to men, things get tricky.  While having a “man bag” is something that can definitely come in handy, how does a man add this accessory to their closet without it appearing too much like a purse?

Unbeknownst to the average man, there are several types of bags that available for men that don’t look like purses.  And, since there are many types to choose from, there is easily bound to be one that suits your own personal sense of style.

All you have to do is find one.

To make things easier, especially for guys that aren’t interested in wading through fashion magazines, websites, and even department stores, we are sharing 4 bags designed specifically for the modern man looking for a bag of his own.

1. Briefcase

Metropolitan Brief in Sport Calf Leather by Coach

Briefcases are one of the oldest forms of bags for men.  They have been around forever and are widely acceptable in all professions as being a good, sturdy “bag” for men.  That said, in this modern day and age, briefcases have come a long way from the boxy, cornered look you remember your dad carrying to work every day.

In fact, most briefcases these days are simple – leather, buckles, and compartments – with a more organic rectangular feel to them.  In addition, many come with shoulder straps so you can wear them as a messenger bag when not in the office.

2. Messenger Bag

Speaking of the messenger bag, this type of “man bag” is perfect for the tough guy looking to stay as far away from the word feminine as possible, yet still carry a bag around.

This laid-back bag is typically made of canvas (for the fresh looking college student) or leather (for the urban hipster) and has shoulder straps for swinging it over your shoulder or across your chest in a causal way.  Carry your laptop, tablet, and personal effects in it and air on the side of cool sophistication as you walk around town.

3. The Duffle

For men on-the-go, a duffle bag is the perfect accessory.  Great for the traveling, going to the gym, and even in between home and work, this roomy bag has a classic look that is also oozing with personal style.  No longer worry about carrying around a bulky luggage bag.  Instead, invest in a sleek, stylish duffle bag.

4. Backpacks

A lot of people feel that backpacks are off-limits for men at all times, but the modern man is saying no way, they are acceptable.  You just have to know when it is appropriate to don one.

There are many different types of backpacks suitable for all occasions.  For example, if you are going for a more youthful, casual look, the classic Jansport shaped bags are perfect, especially for things like weekend travels or a run to the gym. For a more business official look, go for a leather or suede feel.

Grey Metal ‘Bag Bugs’ Backpack by Fendi

If you are looking for a trendier look, try a cool Fendi backpack like the one seen above.  Complete with buffed calfskin and nylon material, a carry handle at the top and padded shoulder straps, plus plenty of compartments for carrying all of your stuff, a backpack like this will not only look cool, but remain functional as well.

Rid yourself of the idea that bags are only for women.  In these fashion-forward times, there are suitable bags for everyone, men included, that function on many levels and have great style to them to fit your personal look.



Photo credit: Ludovic Bertron on Flickr. CC-BY-2.0.

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