Are You Ready for Some Hunting?

No matter the game you like to hunt, how high up on the list do you make safety?

Even the most experienced of hunters should never take safety out in the woods for granted. If they do, they set themselves and others up for possible accidents. Those accidents, remember, can even at times prove fatal.

If starting to mull over your next hunt, what should be some of the priorities on your planning list?

Where Will Your Next Hunt Take You?

As you prepare for your next hunt, start by getting an idea of where you might want to go.

If you have a favorite game to hunt, you more than likely stick to it on a regular basis. That said what about expanding your horizons to a degree or two?

Have you ever considered hog hunting in Florida? If not, you could very well be missing out on quite an experience.

For those who’ve not done hog hunting in the Sunshine State, there are many factors that make it quite popular. Among them:

  • You don’t need a license
  • Can hunt with any number of weapons (shotgun, rifle, bow etc.)
  • Hunt with top experts in the sport
  • Affordable hunting and accommodations to stay at

Another fun tidbit with hog hunting is you aren’t doing the same old hunt (deer, bear etc.) that so many do nationwide.

Now, imagine some of the hog hunting stories you will have to share with family and friends for years to come.

Is It Time to Involve Your Child?

Depending on the age of your child, you may think about getting them involved in your love of hunting soon. If so, you’re not alone.

Many parents love the idea of teaching their children how to hunt.

Among some of the reasons behind this:

  • Teaching a child to appreciate the land and the animals that inhabit it
  • Teaching a child from an early age about the importance of gun safety and other weapons
  • Spending quality time near home or even on vacation during a hunt
  • Watching your son or daughter grow up right before your eyes

In the event you do opt to let your child hunt with you, be sure to remember a few keys.

First, it is imperative that safety is your number one priority.

From covering how to hold and clean a gun to where to store it, be cognizant of safe hunting practices.

Remind your children that they should never take a shot unless they have a clear target in their sights. Shooting and not knowing whether that was an animal they fired at can prove a disaster.

Last, make any hunts together fun occasions. Remember, you’re not out there to win prizes or show your child is the best hunter going. Keep things loose and enjoyable for you and your children.

With the different ideas to spend a family day, hunting is one that will more times than not bring you closer.


Photo credit: m01229 on Flickr. CC-BY-2.0.

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