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Famous Vaping Faces

Nearly everyone has heard of e-cigarettes, yet generally speaking, their popularity is vastly underrated. However, this perception is rapidly changing as more as more celebrities jump onto the vapour wagon and flaunt their e-cigs in public, in photoshoots and on television.

The appeal of e-cigs is fundamentally in their ability to look and feel like the real thing. They provide a vapour hit in much the same way as tobacco cigs provide smoke, and from a distance can fool most people. Yet with none of the chemicals found in and associated with tobacco cigarettes, they’re vastly better for your health and have given many smokers the boost they needed to quit.

Because of the lack of smoke (and therefore any risks linked with second hand smoke) vaping is permitted indoors, in restaurants, clubs and offices. The e juice used to create the vapour contains nothing more than propylene glycol, glycerine (both used in foods), water, flavouring and nicotine – and even the amount of nicotine is variable. The flavours come in a stunning variety too, so you really can tailor your vape to suit your individuality.

Here are some of the top celebrities doing just that and, in doing so, promoting this innovative must-have smoking gadget.


Lindsay Lohan
This wild-child star of ‘Mean Girls’ is no stranger to vice, but seems to have turned over a new leaf with her embracement of this considerably more health-conscious habit.

Katy Perry
Caught grazing on an electronic cigarette, this feisty American clearly has her head screwed on – although who knew she smoked in the first place?

Paris Hilton
Another star with a penchant for living it large, Paris has seemingly made the transition to e-cigs after being snapped with one at a nightclub recently.

Charlie Sheen
Already au fait with addictive substances, you might be surprised to learn that Charlie Sheen is a keen user and advocate of e-cigarettes – even to the point of being a partner in the e-cig company NicoSheen.


Johnny Depp

A big name in Hollywood, he’s also packing a punch after his character in the film ‘The Tourist’ vaped, prompting Johnny to give the gadgets a try. Whether the habit’s stuck or not, if it’s good enough for Depp then it’s good enough for us.

Katherine Heigl
A keen vaper, she took publicity to new heights when she asked to vape live on TV on the David Letterman show, including giving Letterman himself a try. She’s an e-cigarette aficionada with a daring streak.

Isla Fisher
With her gorgeous girl-next-door looks, Isla Fisher is the perfect person to inadvertently advertise this health-conscious alternative to lighting up.

Leonardo DiCaprio
A king of Hollywood, this seasoned screen god has been pictured vaping many times in recent months, and seems happy to show his support for the trend. If it keeps us looking as good as he does, count us in!

Kate Moss
The model-actress was once renowned for her excessive lifestyle, but she’s reined herself in recently and seems determined to stay clean of tobacco, with the help of e-cigarettes.

Robert Pattinson
Renowned for being vampire bad boy Edward Cullen, it seems real-life heartthrob R-Patz is choosing a healthier path – after all, he’s not immortal like his movie counterpart.

Robbie Williams
Another celeb who’s come good, Robbie had a wild patch some years ago but marriage and children has brought him up like a new penny, and he’s holding onto this trend by keeping it clean thanks to electronic cigarettes.

If you’re a regular smoker and want to cut down or quit smoking altogether, you could do a lot worse than follow the example of some of these superstar role models. Why not try vaping today, and see where your vapour trail takes you?

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