Weird and Wonderful Travel Gadgets That You Can Live Without

When travelling the world, so many of us cannot bear to leave our creature comforts behind. Why should we? They are now so small, compact and robust that it makes good sense to take them with us, to heighten the experiences that we are destined for. For the ultimate gadget freak, there is something for everyone to avoid missing out on your must-haves while travelling around the world. Then again, there are some seriously strange gadgets that have been  purchased by tech nerds the world over that are solely marketed towards the tourist and travelling market.

Some of these truly weird gadgets include:

Metal Detecting Sandals

Metal Detecting Sandals may be completely laughable to one person, who is not in the know, but for the owner of said stylish footwear, they won’t be laughing when they find their fortune on a far flung beach, on the other side of the world. While the footwear itself may not be entirely practical, think about the hours of fun one can have when travelling the world, and discovering ancient artefacts from times gone by. Another benefit is that they are much more compact and practical than a traditional metal detector. This is perfect for those going on South Africa tours.

Pickpocket Alarms

Should you be travelling to some less than savoury places, then a pickpocket alarm certainly seems like a sensible purchase. Should a shameless thief attempt to steal your plethora of belongings, be rest assured that the pickpocket alarm will let off a less than appealing 95 decibels of shrill sound, certain to deter not only the thief, but everyone around you. Let thieves know that you mean business with this little contraption and ensure that your belongings stay with you.

Rufus Roo

Do not be alarmed by the Rufus Roo and its unusual name. The Rufus Roo is essentially a huge travel vest that allows you to beat the restrictive baggage allowances as imposed by some airlines. Not only is the Rufus Roo entirely practical, it is a stylish solution to your travelling and packing needs. We are not entirely sure about the legalities of the Rufus Roo, but it certainly would make a talking point within the airport setting. Load your Rufus Roo with your favourite items, as well as food stuffs to avoid paying outrageous airline prices for meals. If that is not genius enough, there is a Rufus Roo for kids, so enlist the help of your mini travel buddies and get them to stick it to the man, too.


Thank you, Karen Bryan for the photo of the Rufus Roo


The most famous, or infamous, gadget of our thoroughly modern times is the Shewee. Mainly used at festivals by ladies who do not want to use the less than desirable facilities, it is now available to men, in the form of the Peebol. Do not be restricted by the limitations of the Shewee and Peebol, these portable toilets can now be taken abroad and must surely be at the top of every backpackers checklist?

If you are travelling this year, it may not be sensible to take the aforementioned gadgets. That said, there are obvious benefits to these otherwise seemingly nonsensical inventions.


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