The Ultimate Garden Entertainment Area With The Latest Gadgets For Men

We spend so much time maintaining the garden for our children or the ladies in our life that we have precious little time to enjoy it ourselves. We must do something about this situation. It is time to reclaim an area of the garden for ourselves and put our stamp on it. I have pondered this dilemma for a while now, and have come up with a few suggestions that you might find interesting.

Here is how to create the ultimate garden entertainment area for men.

Build A Patio

The first thing you will need is a patio, and there is a choice of materials you can use. If the ground is flat, you can use almost anything to make the floor. Think about stone, bricks or paving slabs. If the land slopes, decking is the perfect solution. It is easy to construct, even if you have no carpentry skills. You will soon learn to use a handsaw and a cordless drill. Here is a quick rundown of how to build a deck.

  • Dig holes for the upright posts and concrete them into place.
  • Build the frame for the deck by fixing joists to the posts.
  • Fix the floorboards to the frame.
  • Build handrails and steps as needed. They come in kit form.



The Bar

When you have your pals round for a rowdy evening, you will need an ample supply of drinks. You can buy an outdoor bar or make one of your own. The bottom part could be of brick, and you might build a canopy out of wood. The possibilities are endless. Use a low-voltage outdoor lighting kit to illuminate your work of art in the evenings. Don’t forget that you will need a refrigerator behind the bar to keep your drinks nice and cold. You must protect it with a residual current device (RCD).


You need your own barbeque for when your mates arrive. Buy a gas unit, they are much more convenient than the charcoal burners.


Imagine having a place where you can get together and make as much noise as you like when there is a crucial football match on the television. Well, now you can thanks to the outdoor TV case from The TV Shield. In the past, it was too dangerous to have this electronic equipment outside, but now we have many solutions available to us.

Thanks to smartphone docking stations, you can stream your music from the house or the internet, so  it is easy to play your favourite tunes too.


If you were to host such an occasion as the one above, how many friends would you invite? That is the minimum number of seats you must provide. Luckily there are some top quality folding units that you can keep in the shed. Your seat, however, must be something comfortable to fall asleep in when you are watching a movie after your Sunday dinner. You have a vast range from which to choose, but don’t buy one until you sit on it and try it out.

We all know it is only a matter of time until the rest of your family take over this area too, but resist them for as long as you can. The football season will be upon us before you know it. Maybe a patio heater will serve you well through the winter matches.

Well, that’s all for today guys, I hope you found some points here that you could use. Good luck!

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