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How To Man Up Your Garden


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If you get it right, the garden can be the best space in the house. You can spend the weekend out in the sun. You can share a beer with friends or kick a football around. For the modern man, it’s the perfect place to entertain or chill out. In this post, we’ll show you how to man up your garden and turn it into the perfect outdoor bachelor pad. We’ll help you fill it with tools, sports and flowers, because real men get in touch with nature! Let’s dive in.


No man should be without the obligatory man-cave! A shed is the perfect place to store your garden tools and any other bits and bobs lying around the house. Keep it in good nick and it can even be a useable space. Check out these brilliant, functional sheds and tell us you’re not jealous. You can get your hands on a shed without much hassle, or you could even build your own.


For the guy who loves to get stuck into a good DIY project, why not set up a small workshop? It could form part of your shed, or you could build a separate outhouse for it. Fill it with power tools and a workbench and you’re good to go. From there you could use it to construct just about anything. It could be a music studio, cinema or a small bar!

Fire pit

There’s something magnificent about lighting a fire pit in your own back garden. Invite the guys around and get the fire going. It will set you up for a fantastic night filled with jokes, stories, and laughter. It will keep you warm and provide a cool focal point for the evening. Just be careful and don’t let it spread too far.

Wet bar

If you’re going to have the guys round for drinks, you need an outdoor wet bar. Not only is it a brilliant talking point, it saves you heading back inside every time you need a drink. There are some super cool wet bar designs available for outdoor living. You can keep it stocked up with all your favourites and surprise your friends!

Trees and plants

If you want to enjoy the time in your garden, you’ve got to take pride in its appearance. That means looking after the grass and planting the right greenery. Dogwood trees are great because they fill the space, and they’re easy to maintain. Mow your grass and keep it looking fresh with lawn feeder.


No man garden would be complete without a barbecue! On the long summer weekends, you can get the grill out and keep the party going. They’re perfect for a family get together, a pool party or just a quiet one with your mates. Just leave the salad at home.

Goal posts

Finally, a set of goal posts will be a fun way to get some sports action into your back garden. You can have a kick around with the lads while the barbecue is sizzling away. That’s a perfect afternoon if you ask us!

There you have it, guys. That’s how you man up your garden in time for summer. Enjoy your summer parties and don’t forget our invitation!


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