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The Manliest DIY Tools Of All Time

There’s something inherently masculine about getting involved in DIY. That’s not to say it discriminates on gender; there’s just something about it that feels primal and natural to men. Of course, we’ve come a long way from our hunter gatherer ancestors. We’re in an age of technology. Still, that doesn’t mean we no longer have our tools. They’re just as manly as ever too.


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Who doesn’t like cutting things up? A saw is a physical tool. It’s something that makes you sweat. It’s as much of a work out as a construction effort. Say you’ve got to make some shelves. You’ve got yourself some flat wooden planks, but they’re just too long for the wall.

Mark the length up carefully with a pencil. Place the planks on a solid sawing bench, and get to work.

Now, not all saws are hand saws. For extra precision and time saving power saws can be great. You can have them inlaid into the bench too. No mess, and no fuss. Just watch your fingers.


For when you have to put holes in things, obviously. Just make sure you get it right first time. You don’t want your walls looking like swiss cheese.

Much like other tools, we’ve come a long way from the primitive versions or forefathers used. Sure, a hand drill still has its uses for precision reasons. For most of us though, the power drill is a thing of might and beauty.

The Makita DLX2012MWX is one such drill. It comes in a double pack too. If you didn’t feel manly enough with one drill, try one in each hand instead.


Nothing is manlier than the brute force of the hammer. Mostly unchanged since the dawn of time, the hammer is probably the world’s oldest tool. A piece of design perfection that has rarely been changed since its conception.

The hammer giveth and the hammer taketh away. That’s if you’re a nail, that is. While hammers can be used for so much more than hammering in nails and pulling them out again with the claw, you’ll probably find that’s the most satisfying use of it.

Hammers can also come in handy when it comes to car maintenance. Got a small dent in the bodywork? Just take a hammer to it and lightly tap the surrounding areas of the dent to even it out.


Mostly used for plumbing, you’ll find this on almost every tool belt in the world. Even if you never use it, it’s still got a very good look. There’s just something right about the greyish metallic sheen coming from a wrench as it swings on a toolbelt.

Used primarily on nuts and bolts, a wrench is going to be your best friend when it comes to unclogging your drains. Just switch the water off and start removing the blocked pipe with the wrench. You’ll soon find a solution.

When all’s said and done, the tools are only as good as the person wielding them. Regardless of manly qualities.


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