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3 Welding Projects You Can Try at Home

Few things are as fun or challenging as undertaking a welding project. The opportunities are endless, and at the end of it, your home will have a useful new structure that is far cheaper and more unique than anything you could buy at a shop. For advice and material, visit a website of a welding specialist such as WIA and before you know it, your projects will be underway and looking great.

Outdoor Furniture

If you’re going to undertake a welding project, the end result may as well be one worth keeping. Use the opportunity to practice your skills while building a stylish outdoor furniture setting for your backyard. If you aren’t sure of your skills, you might want to just start with a small table, but if you start to feel more adventurous, you could look at a larger table, garden benches, or even individual outdoor armchairs.

You don’t only have to work with metal in this project – you might want a tempered glass table top, or wooden arms for the chairs. Whatever you’d like to include, just make sure it is appropriate for outdoor use, and you have the right tools to build it. Finish your project by making your new setting comfortable with some soft cushions, and you’ll never want to sit inside again.

Decorative Sculpture

Use your welding skills to make your home beautiful! Rustic decorations are really popular at the moment, so a metal sculpture in your backyard or the hallway of your home will not only look great – it will be really on-trend. Before you launch into the project, decide what it is that you would like. Some people prefer native wildlife sculptures, others prefer kitsch pop culture references, or you might even prefer something abstract and post-modern.

Draw yourself a sketch of what you hope to make, and take it with you when you are getting the materials so you can get some help with dimensions and shapes. Once you’ve got everything, you can get to work creating your masterpiece. The great thing about art projects: if you mess up your design, you can just tell people it was intentional!

Wine Rack

This last project suggestion is all about style and skill. You’ve attempted the practical furniture with your outdoor setting, you have a nifty, unique piece of art for your home, and now is the chance to combine both practical and aesthetically pleasing as you build yourself a wine rack.

The great thing about wine racks is that you can choose whatever style suits your home: a traditional cupboard-style, or something more abstract and art-like. Just make sure you have a bottle handy to test the structure and fit! Once completed, it’s a great excuse to go and put some nice bottles of shiraz aside for your next dinner party.


These are just a few suggestions for improving your welding skills and having a useful structure at the end of it. If you have finished a welding project, share a photo below to inspire your fellow handymen.

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