The Volkswagen Scirocco: What Makes This Car So Popular?

Any Volkswagen aficionados among you will doubtless remember when the world’s first Volkswagen Scirocco was born, back in 1974. I personally wasn’t actually born until a few years later, yet my Volkswagen fanatic of a brother would always rave about how the first-generation Scirocco was one of his most-favourite cars ever made!

It’s no secret that Volkswagen cars have something of a cult following, ranging from the Nazi-era and Porsche-designed Beetle to the modern Golf and Polo models, and lest we forget the forever-memorable Volkswagen Transporter Type 2, which started production a few years after the end of World War II and was built for 64 years, ceasing to be produced as recently as December 2013!

The Volkswagen Scirocco in its current format has been available to Europeans since 2008, and is a somewhat familiar sight on the streets of this part of the world. If I’m honest, when I first saw the car it looked a little like the love child of a Volkswagen Golf and an Audi A3, but that’s hardly surprising considering the car is part of the German car manufacturer’s “Group A5” build platform, which includes those two particular models.

Engine choice

Built in Volkswagen’s Palmela plant in Portugal (tongue-twister or what?), the factory has been churning out Sciroccos for customers all over Europe. All models are powered by various popular Volkswagen Engines, specifically the following:

  • TSI (1.4-litre and 2.0-litre);

  • FSI (2.0-litre);

  • TDI (2.0-litre).

As you might have gathered, they all have different power outputs, ranging from 120 brake horsepower for the 1.4-litre TSI to 261 brake horsepower on the Scirocco R FSI model.

Included as standard in all Scirocco models is a six-speed manual gearbox, although it is possible to pay extra for an option six-speed or seven-speed DSG transmission on certain models.

And for those of you that are seeking fuel economy over performance, there is a BlueMotion variant (the 2.0-litre TDI 140 brake horsepower model) which features the familiar stop/start and regenerative braking technologies that can be found on BlueMotion models across all of Volkswagen’s current car and van models.

Exclusive to Europeans only?

Curiously, the Volkswagen Scirocco isn’t available for purchase in the United States! According to the German carmaker, although it’s a car that would fit in well with motorists in America, the firm simply wouldn’t make much money out of it due to the Euro – US Dollar exchange rates. So, for now, it seems the only way Americans can get their hands on a Scirocco is to import one through a specialist.

Availability of the Volkswagen Scirocco isn’t going to be an issue to Europeans, obviously, and it’s extremely easy to get hold of one in new or used format from dealers such as Motorline Direct.

Perhaps this exclusivity to the European market is one of the reasons that make the Volkswagen Scirocco such a popular car? In any case, if you have the opportunity to take one out for a test drive, I highly recommend that you do so; you’ll instantly fall in love with it!

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