Are You Embarrassed By Your Car?

Do you have ever get that sudden feeling of dread when someone asks if you can give them a lift? Not because you don’t want to help them out or that you don’t have faith in your driving skills, you’re a great driver and a charitable person, but simply because you’re terrified of the idea of someone actually seeing the car that you drive? This is a surprisingly common thing for a lot of people who find themselves incredibly embarrassed by the car that they drive. Of course, the obvious solution to this is to get a different car but, let’s be honest, that’s hardly the most practical solution, is it? The majority of us simply have to put up with the car that we’ve got. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make your car a little less shameful. Here are a few ways that you can stop your car feeling like such an embarrassment.

Keep it clean

The most obvious thing that you can do in order to make your car less of an embarrassment is to keep it clean. Take it through the car wash at least every couple of weeks or, even better, take the time out of your day to wash it by hand. Not only will this give it the best possible clean but will also mean that you can get into the habit of taken better care of your vehicle in general. Don’t just focus on the outside either, after all, if someone’s getting into your car then the interior is going to be the thing they really notice. Make sure that you clean and vacuum the inside of your car as well and it’s a good idea to get some floor liners so that you can protect your car’s interior from trodden in dirt. Even if your car’s kind of an old rust bucket, keeping it clean is going to make a heck of a lot of difference.

Get a new paint job

A lot of the time the source of embarrassment with your car is  an awful paint job. Perhaps it’s bright neon yellow that draws way too much attention, or maybe the color was once bright a vibrant but now looks dull, scratched and dirty. You’ll be amazed at how much new life a fresh coat of paint can breathe into your vehicle.

Re-upholster it

The upholstery in your car might not be something that you think about particularly often, but it definitely makes a big difference to how dated your car can feel. If you drive an older, used car, then the upholstery is likely going to be pretty dreary and worn out. By reupholstering your car’s interior, you’ll be able to not only make it seem cleaner, but it’s also going to seem newer and more modern as well.

These might all seem like some pretty small solutions, but they really can make a big difference. A combination of these three tips really can take your car from feeling drab, outdated, and gross to something you’re more than happy for people to see your driving around in.


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