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We recently published a post on why you should buy an Iphone instead of an Android. It might have convinced some of our readers to go out and buy the latest Iphone. We certainly hope it did because there is no way of denying Iphones are just better. But, instead of treading over old ground we thought we’d prepare you for your Iphone purchase.

Protect It

There are two ways to protect your iPhone. The first is quite simple, and we recommend you do it when you are making the purchase. You should sign up for Applecare. This will give you a couple more years where your Iphone is protected in the event of damages. That means if you accidently drop it, or a new update turns it into a brick – it’s happened! – Apple will have your back. The only thing that it won’t cover is water damage, and you’d be surprised how little the amount of water could be to cause this. If you do find your iphone gets wet the best way to deal with it is by putting it in a bag of rice as quickly as possible. For some unknown reason, this really does work.

Of course, a good cover will go a long way to protecting it as well. You may want to research the best iPhone cases online to find which one will suit you. We recommend choosing a sturdy model as it’s quite easy to accidently a drop a phone.

App It Up

Well, as we mentioned one of the best features of the iPhone is the Apple store. There are lots of fantastic apps available to purchase and many that you can get for free. Two that you will always find handy are pages and keynote. They actually come preinstalled on your phone and are perfect for viewing Word documents as well as powerpoints. Be sure that you don’t delete them because they are valuable additions to your phone. Other Apps include the classic games as well as some brilliant ones for keeping up with your fitness routine and diet. You can also ensure that you are always up to date on world developments with the BBC News App.

Lock It

The latest Iphones have fingerprint ID to lock and unlock the device. But we still favour the old pin method. There are two reasons for this. First, the fingerprint ID is still working through some bugs. Hopefully, it will be sorted with the new 6S. Second, it’s safer because as we have seen it takes an absurdly short amount of time to hack the fingerprint scan. The scan may be a gimmick, but it’s still a fun one and when we know we’re in an environment where our phone is safe we still love using it.

Use The Cloud, We Love The Cloud

Finally, we have to mention the cloud. It gets a bad rep in the media because celebs, shall we say private, pictures were hacked. But we still think it’s a valuable and handy service particularly if you ever need to recover your phone. We just recommend that you don’t store any of your own private pictures on it.

Have fun enjoying your new Iphone!


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