Burning Fat Fast: The Rules

Around this time of year, people rush out to the gym and health shops in the hope of burning any excess fat they have quickly and efficiently. However, many people go the wrong way about this; often exercising too much and eating too little, only to give up after a week or two because they’ve made it way too hard on themselves. Here are the real rules to burning fat fast:

Do the Right Kind of Exercise

It’s no good doing hours and hours on the treadmill in the hopes that you’ll burn fat, nor is it any good doing 1 hundred sit ups and expecting to get a flatter tummy. I could tell you about exercise for hours, but I’ll try to keep it as simple as I possibly can. First of all, you can’t spot train one area of your body – you need to train all of your body to make it burn fat effectively. You should be doing a mix of resistance/weight training and a few sessions of cardio per week in order to get the best results. Doing cardio alone will only make you a smaller version of the shape you are now, not change your shape and body composition like weight training does! Research exercises on and watch videos on Youtube to learn exactly what you should be doing.

Eat Fat Burning Foods

You can’t out train a bad diet, so you definitely need to eat fat burning foods to compliment the exercise you’re doing. There are many diets that aren’t fads you can follow, for example; paleo, ketogenic, and slow carb. You need to do the kind of diet that suits you best though, as this should be a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix. You can also find a number of great supplements online. Find a capsiplex review here!

Be Consistent

Never, ever give up! This is why many people fail, as they expect to see great results after only a few days/weeks. While you will see small changes, it’ll take time to see big changes. It’s a journey, not a race…take your time! Take progress pictures and measurements to measure your progress rather than weighing yourself too.

Never Starve

Being hungry and cutting your calories right down is never the way to go. The only way you can get a fit, healthy body with a low body fat percentage is to nourish your body with the right kind of foods. You should never be hungry, if you are, then you aren’t eating enough of something in a meal. For example, you may need more protein, good fats, or good carbs. You need to eat breakfast within half an hour of getting up every day, and this will really give your metabolism a kick. You can then eat a healthy meal every 2-4 hours.

Have One ‘Dieters Gone Wild’ Day

Yep – welcome to paradise! Because you’ve been so good in the week, you can have one day off to eat whatever you like. Watever. You. Like. Seriously! This is actually beneficial as it helps to give our metabolism that extra kick to tell it that we still need it to burn fat for us.

That’s it! With the right mindset you can burn all of the fat you need to, and you don’t ever have to stop eating your favourite foods – just stick to one day per week. Good luck!

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