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Watches may have taken a dip in popularity as smartphones became more a part of daily life, but the trend is quickly changing. Now, watches have combined with smart devices to make a smartwatch that men are opting to wear for both style and tech convenience. Here is a look at the top options available in the industry.
Pebble Smartwatch
Pebble is enjoying it’s place atop the smartwatch sales mountain while other companies try and catch up. Their smartwatch is slick, sleek, elegant and completely functional at the same time. It may not have some of the features that other options offer – and only uses an eInk screen, but some could say that the Pebble is the reason that other companies are now focusing on the market. Pebble is perhaps the best choice right now thanks to its popularity and developer ecosystem, and hopefully they will continue pushing their technology to improve.

Sony Smartwatch SW2
The SW2 is a newly released version from Sony with plenty of improvements off the previous versions. It only works with Android phones, which is a downside. But considering how many color options it comes it, it makes it a stylish option for any outfit. It’s a ‘true’ smartwatch, but sales have been disappointing thus far leading some to question whether smartwatches really will take off.

Martian Smartwatch
The Martian Smartwatch was made to look like a true timepiece. This isn’t as futuristic-looking as some other options, but rather it is something you could wear for a run around the lake or to a business meeting afterwards. You can control your smartphone from the Martian Smartwatch, while also getting messages and other alerts. Plus with as great as it looks, there is no surprise that it makes this list.

I’m Watch
At 1.5 inches in size, the I’m Watch is a great middle ground for people who don’t want a huge obtrusive piece on their wrist, but then need a bit more face-space that other options don’t offer. There are also a variety of different color options, ranging from a titanium body to a more colorful line to add flavor to your wardrobe.

The smartwatch industry is likely to boom in the coming months and years. Samsung have just announced a new Galaxy Gear while there’s rumours of Apple coming out with an iWatch. The market is still in its infancy, so expect any device you buy today to be outdated within just a year or two.

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Published on: March 7, 2014

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3 Responses to Best Smart Watches

  1. Richard Kaplan says:

    I’ve been seeing things about these smartwatches around, especially the galaxy gear, but I still don’t really get what the point is? Surely your smartphone can do all these tricks

  2. Jacob G. says:

    Richard- I think it’s more to do with staying on top of tech trends than actual convenience.

  3. Joseph Blakely says:

    Ha yes I agree with you guys, smartwatches are all about showing off. There’s nothing they do that your phone won’t do, it’s just an added gadget to look cool. Which I suppose is alright, if that’s what you’re into.

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