Best DSLRs of 2014

DSLRs are a hot commodity these days, and this means quite a few choices will have to be made by those that are on the hunt for these flexible cameras. From unique features and ergonomics to picture quality and durability, it is important to find a balance depending on the type of use that one of these cameras is going to see. Here is a closer look at a handful of the top picks and how they stack up against the competition.

For the average amateur photographer, the vast majority of choices are going to come down to either a Canon or a Nikon. While there are some other world-class camera companies with very similar products, these two provide cameras at nearly every level of quality and price and are exceptionally easy to find support and upgrades. For Canon, the EOS 70D is going to be fairly difficult to top for the average photographer. Owners can expect a full feature set, but it is the redesigned autofocus that makes this product stand out. The camera carries out multiple focusing and lighting steps simultaneously for exceptionally fast autofocus times.

As an alternative, the Nikon D3200 is going to be a well-balanced camera that is typically one of the most affordable on the market. For this company, however, affordable does not mean skimping on features and world-class picture quality. Nikon lenses can be interchanged throughout almost every model in the collection and the 24-megapixal sensors work wonderfully no matter what style of shot is being taken. For those that are new to photography, this is also going to be one of the easiest cameras to pull out of the box and begin using immediately with almost no learning curve.

2014 is revving up to be a spectacular year for those that are looking into the DSLR market. Along with Nikon and Canon, some other worthy and comparable standouts include the Pentax K3, Sony A77, and the Sony Alpha A99.

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